R2D2 (Kenner circa 1977)


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Oh yeah! I love playing with that thing!

(But the sticker on the front is totally faded. . .)

My dad owned a ton of Star Wars Kenner action figures, which was totally Stookiness!

  SF CJ wrote @

Ooh! Looks ZOWA!

  sf John wrote @

0_0 WHOA!

  Superfolder Tudor wrote @


I have a R-Too exacly like that but a little more dirty 0:

(p.s.why did i just say omg?)

  Superfolder Tudor wrote @

Thanks for telling me the new infamation (:

  superfolder wicket wrote @

total rockets! woot in the actual meaning of it

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

stooky fizzpop!

  SF Tyler wrote @

Is it just me or does that just not look like R2D2?

  Superfolder Tudor wrote @

Hey it’s a old model that needs to be respected

  Yodamaster wrote @

It doesn’t look like him because kenner was very low budget. They were the only company to accept the role to make sw toys, and they were very low budget for the line. MATTEL, and Hasbro declined, but now that Hasbro bought kenner, they own it, and MATTEL is kicking themselves for not taking it seeing how popular it has grown in the past years. If anyone here has something called a double telescoping lightsaber figure, it can uo for about 150 lose, and 500 in the box. I used to be a sw collector, but I moved to GI Joe. So basically, any of the original 16 (not exact number) if worth a lot, and any from the 4 of the original early bird package (double telescoping like, chewie, leia, and R2) could be more mint in the box!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

Guys, I thought this was worth a lot of money, which it is, but this guy doen’t know that!


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