SF dude-who-forgot-to-give-his-sf-name’s Herobrine!


  SF CJ wrote @

Oh no! Not him! AHHH!

P.S. That’s a good Herobrine!

  wbfirk wrote @


  sftimothy1 wrote @

make instrux! it is completely awesome!!!!

  Superfolder Jonas wrote @

HEROBRINE!!!!!!!! but that is cool.

  Superfolder Jonas wrote @

I made a steve and a creeper.

  carson4 wrote @

herobrine is back on minecraft ahhhh!!!!! but is cool

  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @


  SF Owen wrote @

Cool herobrine!

Ps it’s actually pronounced hiro-brin

  KimmyZee wrote @

No, it’s not! Check the Minecraft Wiki! It’s pronounced Hehro-Bryne!

  KimmyZee wrote @

Yes, I know that CaptainSparklez said it was hiro-brin in his video, Fallen Kingdom, but he is wrong! He even admitted it! It is really Hehro-Bryne!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

It is both but I say Hehro-Bryne

  SF Owen wrote @

no I checked the mw and it says the euperoun and American pron. American is hirobrin

  SF Owen wrote @

Thankfully, herobrine doesn’t appear in Xbox 360 edition.

  KimmyZee wrote @

Really, are you sure about that?…

  kadenv wrote @

i saw herobrine on minecraft p.c. he actually exists!

  oyitleader wrote @

… im gonna tell my self my long herobrine name explanation was removed because it was long. :(

  SF Tom wrote @

hey guys just now i saw herobrine… actuly… no realy it was on minecraft and everything! It was survival aswell!

  Sean wrote @

Herobrine’s skin is brown and its pronounced hehro-bryne

  superfolderVR wrote @

Tom! Do you even know who herobrine is?

  SF Owen wrote @

guys, herobrine is fake. look it up. if you think you saw him you’re lying, have a strong imagination, or are playing in a server with a mod.

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