Superfolder General Creasus’ origami General Creasus!

SF GC says: Another origami general grievous with instructions, this time by our newest Superfolder! It features 44-step instruction pages, doodles by Kellen, Crumples by Harvey, Traditional Origami arms, Origami Yoda style body+head, kirigami "ears" for the general, and Tommy’s + Harvey’s comment’s!!!!"

Tom says: At first these may look like nothing but crumples. Take a closer look!


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

wow detailed!

  Weaver wrote @


  Shavod98 wrote @

did you crumble the instructions up or something? just wondering. :/

  SuperFolder General Creasus wrote @

OOOPS! i kinda accidentally forgot to put the instrux in the right order, or tom/sam did it wrong, but it was probablly me.:( well it was the first thing I posted so… here is the order now: pg1,pg3,pg4,pg5,Harvey’s and Tommy’s comments,pg2. it Should be: pg1,pg2,pg3,pg4,pg5,Harvey’s and Tommy’s comments. so sorry again and thanks for following my instrux!!!

P.S. Yes Shavod98, I did crumple them, then put them under some storage blocks on them so that they would be flat.

P.P.S. A bird base is REALLY EASY!!! You can just Google “origami bird base instructions” and get some really clear instrux for how to make one, or you can just look at an origami beginers guide at your library.

P.P.P.S. If you can’t make his arms, just take four strips of paper and glue them on his back. ( I stronglly disagree with this. for one thing it’s not stable and for another, like yoda says in secret of the fortune wookie
“If the quick + easy path you take, an agent of evil you will become.”
origami yoda.

  kadenv wrote @

lol my neck hurts from turning it sideways XD

  Samuel wrote @

Please tell me you will change the Jabba the puppet instrux

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