Superfolder Giancarlo’s Star Wars favorite origamis

SF Giancarlo arrives on the scene with a portfolio of awesome origami! (Note how he adapted the Art2-D2 Grievous to make a spider! And check out that Darth Maul!)

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  Noah wrote @

This is incredibly Fizzpop! I would really like to know how to make the spider, then I would be able to add Shelob to my Lord of the Rings origami collection!

  Super-folder Giancarlo wrote @

Just cut both sides up/down, fold arms(I mean legs!) ,pleat the joints between the head,abdomen,and thorax, shape the thorax with pleats(look at Art-2-d2 Darth paper instructions) draw face and cut mouth. Done!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Those rock!!!!!

  Noah v wrote @

Giancarlo is my freeing and is an awesome origami master

  Noah v wrote @

Sorry meant grind at school

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

Cover Yoda: Plastic dinosaurs!

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