Superfolder General Creasus’ Phantom Menace!

SF General Creasus says:
" Right after he made the General Creasus instructions, Super Folder General Creasus did it again by making Origami Battle Droid and Paper Airplane Pod-Racer instructions. They include: 4 pages of handmade instructions made by Super Folder General Creasus, How to play A " Paper Pod-Racer Race" (Say that five times. Go on. I dare you), 17steps to make the Paper Airplane Pod-racer, 3steps for the rules, 14steps to make the battle droid, doodles by Kellen, crumples by Harvey, and Harvey’s and Tommy’s comments!!! (P.S. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE ON WHAT INSTRUCTIONS HE WILL MAKE NEXT, SUPER BATTLE DROID, CLONE TROOPER, DESTROYER DROID, LEIA ,THE SARLACC PIT (MOUTH ONLY) , OR THE IMPERIAL GUARD!!!!!!)"


  SuperFolder General Creasus wrote @

sorry guys, I didnt know that it would be side ways. Iemailed this to tom BEFORE he posted them. my fault entirelly.I, however, CAN anounce that my next instructions WILL be the right way up. (I cant be sure of it but my general creasus and I might make versions of these and the generals instruction the right ways up!!!!) again, sorry, and good bye,
SuperFolder General Creasus

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Stooky Instrux

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