Big news tomorrow: Book 4 title, star, cover, plot and date

Subject line says it all. See you here tomorrow!


  Noah wrote @

Yes! I can not wait! I hope I’m right….

  Sf Jared wrote @

I’m so exited! I can hardly wait!

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Yeah! I am checking the site tomorrow morning!!!

  SF TylerM wrote @

I don’t know about the title, cover, or date but I KNOW the cover star is *beep* (You didn’t think I would tell you right) and I think the plot has something to do with Remi liking Kellen.
P.S. a clue about the star is hidden in the comments section of the Logray thing.

  SF cau2134 wrote @


  Christian Chang wrote @

How do you know the cover star?

  Dalton Haglund wrote @

I don’t get what it says.


  SF Owen wrote @

getting up early tomorrow!

  Weaver wrote @

Lol…the one day I’m gone from morning til evening…

  AustinM wrote @

Man Weaver, you have (no offence) the worst luck! You didn’t miss Art2, but this?! Check back when you get home!

  Weaver wrote @

I’m leaving now… I’ll be back in a bunch of hours…:(

  mattweb2000 wrote @

watch this guys prediction: anakin skyfolder watch dis happen…. watch

  AustinM wrote @

I’m very excited, but can’t get over today’s events in Boston. Tom was JUST THERE! I was born about a month before 9/11, and my parents said that I’d make the world a better place. But I help. The SuperFolders need to band together to raise money or whatever for Newtown or Boston. We need to destroy the Sith who did this! People were killed, one boy as old as my brother! So help me. Please.

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Don’t worry, AustinM. We Superfolders unite at anytime, anywhere. We will help you. We can make a difference.

  jediknightfolder452 wrote @

Totally right, dude. When the dark side rears its hideous head, we’ll be there! May the force (and folds) be with you!!

  Joe Sujecki wrote @

To the Darkside ate only leads. Defend the Jedi Order,we must, hmmmmm?

  SF TylerM wrote @

No offense but if you want to destroy the “sith” then all you’re doing is being a sith yourself. Like when good Anakin killed Dooku. Forgive, and then forget. P.S. you’re right about needing to raise money.

  Toonman Cinema wrote @

It is one thing to forgive someone who has done something wrong to you. It is something else altogether to forgive someone who murdered innocent civilians for no good reason. There is justice in this world, and someone saying whoever the attacker is should be punished does not make them sith.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @


I really wanted to help, I just didn’t know how! Maybe we can make our own Stooktacular Showcase for the OY Expanded Universe as a tribute! :D

PODRACING!!! That’s it!!! Racing is the common ground! So, AustinM, Malcolm, others SFs, please send in Podracing origami to the Expanded Universe email! :)

  AustinM wrote @

I’m trying to raise $100.

  Noah wrote @

I will help JC! I will make a racer!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Thanks, DarthNoah!

  AustinM wrote @

I’ll make Sebulba and young Anakin if it’ll help.

  epic wrote @

wheres the cover star news?

  SF Jayden wrote @

It’s now April 16! I’m writing this and there’s nothing on site even though its only 7 am

  SF Jayden wrote @

It’s 7am where I’m at at least

  sf yodadude275 wrote @

hey, i may have an idea when it will be released: May the 4th!!!
But, it may take tom until past then

  SFA wrote @

does he mean april the 16th?

  SFA wrote @

oh yeah, austinm i WILL help sf or not!!!!!!!!

  SFA wrote @

why is no one replying?

  Sf Robby wrote @


  Noah wrote @

Robby! Why did you have to tell? Now it’s not a surprise! I couldn’t resist so I went to look!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

I checked, and it wasn’t there, what did you put in the search engine?

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Oh! I didn’t even THINK of Amazon! They probably got it even before the website I saw did! :0

Guys, resist the Dark Side! Forget all about Amazon!

  Noah wrote @

Thank you JC. I am forgetting amazon…..forgetting amazon……what did I see again?

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

It’s ok, dude. . .

We all now know about JAR JAR BINKS now. . .

  darthnoah wrote @

Yes. JAR JAR is the star.

  Sf Robby wrote @

No he’s not.

  SFA wrote @

i agree!!!!

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

I couldn’t help myself! I looked at the cover on Amazon! Why!?!?!?

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Think of Jar Jar….

  Jackson wrote @

What’s the link? I must know.

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