No announcement today…

SuperFolders, today is not a good day to talk about the new book….

This is a day to think of the great people of the great city of Boston and of all the runners and their families who had traveled there for a peaceful competition.

Today is also the anniversary of another sad day, six years ago at Virginia Tech.

It is a very tough day. But remember that thought the Dark Side is strong, it is not stronger. Kindness will always win out over meanness, caring over cruelty, creativity over destruction.

May the Force be with you… always!


  superfoldermichael wrote @

That is right, thanks Tom

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

ITs sad. my friends parents were in that race. his dad left the finish line to see where his wife was in the race(he was already done) just when the bombs went off

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

His dad was lucky

  mattweb2000 wrote @

oh my god.. i just realized you were just in boston!!! that was close

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

May they all be remembered.

  SF cau2134 wrote @

Good idea…

  SF Jayden wrote @

So will it be tomorrow Tom ?

  SF Sean wrote @

Me want cover star but its still sad.

  kristinburns wrote @

Phooey! I want to know who the cover star is!!!! -Anna

  SF DJ/Daniel wrote @

Come on! Don’t you care for those poor Boston citizens?

  kristinburns wrote @

That was my 10 yr old daughter replying. I’ll have a talk with her. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this sad event.

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!? You want to know the cover star still?!? I don’t care if I hear it or not. I just hope and pray that the people who did this will get what they deserve. So, sit back, and be glad you weren’t there.

  super folder cam wrote @

Tottley with you. But only because I want to know to I won or not

  Superfolder yoda master wrote @

I really wanted to hear the answer.

  Noah wrote @

This is totally Fishmaster. Boston citizens, you will be remembered.

  AustinM wrote @

None of my parents’ friends were hurt, thankfully. I don’t want to be a Harvey, but when is the cover star revealed?

  origami mario wrote @


  Fanofyoda627 wrote @

I was mad at first but u r totally correct

  not Jacob L. wrote @

died in vain, they have not. remember them we must

  zak wrote @

may the force be with them

  SF Rex wrote @


  sf yodadude275 wrote @

i was pumped too, but he is right.

  Sf Robby wrote @

I agree with SF Rex. I was pumped. But it can wait. Tom if u are still in Boston, you should stay inside. The authorities found a third bomb that was disabled near the first 2.

  KimmyZee wrote @

When are you going to make the announcement, Tom? Tomorrow?

  Yodamaster wrote @

This causes a lot of sadness. I can’t believe just ONE person (possibly) could cause so much inconvenience to all of those families. And some of the Newtown family members were injured as well. It also inconveniences us back here. A sad day for Boston. It used to be celebrated for Lexington and Concur, but now is saddened by an attack.

  Yodamaster wrote @

I FOUND THE COVER STAR. but I won’t reveal it nor tell you what site it’s on. Not a day for celebration. But it is awesome.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

You too?

Cool. . . . . I found it this morning. . . . .

  Sf Robby wrote @

I went on amazon and found it.

  epic wrote @

pleas! tell me! im begging you! my money depends on it!

  SF Gavin W wrote @

After today I have lost hope in Google Search engine….

  Christian Chang wrote @

There’s no need to announce that to the world. Just think about the people in Boston

  AustinM wrote @

I found it. Wow! It’s great. It’s (Origami Yoda covers my mouth)! The cover is my iPod’s screensaver!

  SuperSentimental Artoo wrote @

I saw it too, man I did NOT see that coming.

  superfoldergav in wrote @

>:( uh I couldn’t sleep last night this is an outrage and whats all of this stuff boston what happened? huh?

  superfoldergav in wrote @

uh yeh um sorry im a bit ticked but uh yeah uh uh may they be remembered and may the force be with them always
and when Is it gonna be announced

  Yodamaster wrote @

We can’t be riled up because it wasn’t announced. I’s just the cover and summary. Not the release. He’s not giving them to us or anything, just a revealing. We just need to be patient for the site’s reveal.

  SF Princess wrote @

I feel bad for all those people! Tom weren’t you just in Boston? Thankfully you are ok too.

  Tyger wrote @

i know the cover star it’s O.L and may all those people in boston be remembered

  SF Ricky wrote @

O.L? Who’s that? Anyway, my prayers to those affected by both tragedies :(

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

My guess was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TYGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

hopefully it was right…

  epic wrote @

whywhywhywhywhywhywhy noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  epic wrote @

just so you know i wasnt complaining i was
just saying that because people died

  Sf Jared wrote @

Good thinking!

  nickthebadger wrote @


  sf yodadude275 wrote @

I agree about the poor people who lost their lifes. And I’m sorry to be a butt but when will the cover star be revealed?

  Joe Sujecki wrote @

Let’s all give a moment of silence to the people who were injured or died the other day.

  SF JordanL wrote @

All the Boston citizens who died during the bombing. May you all be remembered and rest in peace. Have a good time in heaven.

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Wow. That’s sad…. :(

  SF TylerM wrote @

You’re right dude. Thanks for not telling us. P.S. Today something happened with my teacher, I don’t think it was a bomb but something happened at her husbands work. Please keep her in your prayers.

  superfolderchad wrote @

I kinda expected this but its okay. There are sad things going on in the world that are more important than a book annoucment (no offence Tom)

  Grant wrote @

pray for in peace

When my mom told me about that yesterday about an hour after it happened, I thought to myself, “If I am ever in office, I will find those people and make sure that they don’t do it ever again!” I was very angry. God bless all of the injured and may the deceased be forever happy in heaven. Amen.

  Jedi Master 5 wrote @

I do not want to be a Harvey when I say this! But many kids don’t really notice or think about this, and the entire day, I could not wait to get home to see who the new cover star, release date, and book cover, but this is probably making many kids go coo coo about them not getting to know who it is, Of course it’s sad that the Explosion happened, but look towards the future, and not the past, even though it may be frightening or startling, you must look towards the future, but Tom, you have to tell us when you will reveal it! Is it going to be 2 months from now? Will it be 10 years from now? You are disappointing many kids.

  kadenv wrote @

why do people do things like this!?

  kadenv wrote @

Also are u okay tom? u were in boston right?

  Luis santos wrote @

I agree and god bless them all

  zipclark wrote @

did they catch the person who let of the bombs

  AustinM wrote @

Not yet, sadly. But the Boston Police and the FBI are on it.

  Sean L wrote @

Well, I’ve been here for a WHILE and also have not checked back in a WHILE.
Pretty much, I was back here when there were barely any people on this site… not many comments at all. :P

And so just saying, LOTS of american propaganda, lots of “protection” that we shouldn’t have.
For example, around the same time, there was a bomb at an afghan wedding killing 30.. and did we care?


If you’re going to be sad about these two Americans (although many people injured), go care for the Asians and Africans, etc etc too. Just saying.

I might not even have my facts straight lawlolawl

  Weaver wrote @

Or the thousands of infants killed each day…

  Purse Girl wrote @

Will you say the cover star tomarrow?
Right now i just looked at the footage and maxweb has a point, that was close, that could have been tom at the marathon if he wasen’t sitting at home with Sam. May they all be remembered.

  SF Andy wrote @

I totally agree with you, Tom. May the Force of God be with the families of the dead. “Don`t pity the dead. Pity the living” – Dumbeldore.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

I like that!

May The Force of God Be With You All Boston. . .

  superstevie12 wrote @

psy made a new song I read a cont that’s said click to show and it said someone bombed bostin I said what I clicked thumbs down I foundut this morning and now I fell bad

  Sf Robby wrote @

Huh? I didn’t get any of that. I can’t read it without the punctuation. Did psy say it? Or did it say that on some random popup thing?

  natedrake212 wrote @

Pray for those who has died and been injured in the Boston Twin Bombings.

  natedrake212 wrote @

“He spoke well who said that graves are the footprints of angels.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  mattweb2000 wrote @

O. L.?? lando… leia.. luke… oooh man the force is strong eith this…

  Sf Robby wrote @

No. I think that was a typo that tyger made a typo. The cover star is *****

  Sf Robby wrote @

Oops, I made a typo on the *s. the star is ***************.

  Samuel wrote @


  mattweb2000 wrote @

hey tom? sorry for stealing your gravatar… i have recently started feeling bad about it.. tell me if you want it back :(

  Samuel wrote @

Is it Luke or Jar jar binks? Please tell me if I’m right.

  zak wrote @

i heard on the radio on this one guy
who’s son passed and wive had a brain injury so let us pray for the
famliy and may the force be with them

  mattweb2000 wrote @

see yall tomorrow where we find out for real…

  superwheezy wrote @

Please pray for my brst friend he was in boston watching the marathon i do not know if he is ok

  superwheezy wrote @

Sorry he is my best friend i messed up the typing

  10cocoa wrote @

I shall pray for your best friend and hope he has escaped unscathed (though everyone in Boston’s mind will be slightly scathed), and may you have many fun times together.

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

I know the cover star, plot, date, and everything. The star is (Classified!), sorry. The release date is nice. The plot is EPIC. The title is interesting. And the star itself? Well, I’ll tell you this: Remember my hint thing? Look at it. One of the names is the star. But I ain’t telling.

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Well. This is the wrong post. Oh dang.

  Jackson wrote @

We pray for those in boston.

  10cocoa wrote @

May the Force and the Lord give Boston much joy to follow this ghastly tragedy. :(

  sf John wrote @


May Jesus protect them.

  sfteamroker wrote @

I found it on amazon. That was very unexpected.

  mattweb2000 wrote @

0-0 hes not here again!!!

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

We should join together as the SuperFolders we all are and do something special for the families who had loved ones pass away in the bombing. We should make origami representations of those who passed and send them to families with a letter explaining how they will always be with them. May the force be with them all.

  Noah wrote @

That’s a great idea LegoGabe! I just don’t know what any of them look like.

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

Well, I saw the names of those who had passed in my local newspaper. Chances are we could find pictures online and we could find the address because someone’s bound to have posted it so people can send their thoughts.

  SFnutegunray wrote @

Usually I would be aggravated that news was postponed but I must respect national tradgety. . .

  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @

wait tom does this mean your gonna announce the cover star tomorrow?

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

If you want to know, “Go to the wiki, you must. The right one, you will know which it is.” If you don’t like spoilers, just don’t look.

  not Jacob L. wrote @

not to ruin the moment but when is the cover star coming out to the public?

  mattweb2000 wrote @

holy cow i found it tom… that WAS a suprise…btw…its not o.l. but im not telling the real initials

  Psychic wrote @

Found it !!!!!!!! its superbly awesome

  SF Zachn and origami Plo-Koon wrote @


  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @

the name of the new book is Surprise Attack of Jabba The Puppet

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