SuperFolder = SuperHero!

Read this news story to find out how SF Micah is folding Yodas to help another kid fight cancer!



  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Wow! That’s incredible! I gotta send in money! :D

  Sf Robby wrote @

Wow! I wish I had money.

  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

That’s stooky! :D I’m gonna donate! :D

  Weaver wrote @

Wowzers! What a great idea. I hope Marcus gets completely healed. Cancer can cost a LOT, in hospital bills and such, so this is a stooky idea.
I’ll send in some money!

On an unrelated note: I’m almost at 300 cover Yodas. Wish me luck!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I’m donating

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Stooky! Now how can I earn money to donate… Wash dishes? yes…mow lawns…yes…read a book…probably not…vacuum?yes… fold origami? my parents probably wont pay me for that,especially since I’m grounded…no… Man I’m gonna have a lot of chores to do!

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

that’s awesome!

  10cocoa wrote @

I know, right?!

  superfolderVR wrote @

. . 0 -That. Is. Awesome.

  Jedi Gage wrote @

Wow, I don’t know what to say… (bye the way, I mean this in a good way)

  SF JackT wrote @

that is what it means to be a Super Folder, not only to fold cool origami, but helping others. congrats

  origami358 wrote @

How do I donate.

  the new guy wrote @

you go sf micha!

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

I might be opening a summer “restaurant” in my neighborhood. I might be able to donate!

  not Jacob L. wrote @

This is the most generous thing that I have ever read that includes making origami yodas. Wish I could donate :(.

Cancer costs at LEAST that much for some hospital bills! How do I know? I had a sister with cancer.I am super happy that he is going to help Marcus!

  kadenv wrote @

I have a 1st cousin who had cancer, luckily, she recovered

  DJ/Daniel wrote @

AWESOME!!! Where do I donate, SH Micah?

  SFA wrote @

I have an idea! remember how AustinM said he wanted to do something for the boston thing? this = what he could do!

  SF Prime wrote @

That’s awesome! Is their any way we can help?

  SuperFolder JonathanC wrote @

I wish I could do something that awesome

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