My new desk … On the floor the LA Airport!

Hard seat, but I am finally getting some work done!


  Sf Robby wrote @

Why don’t you stay at a hotel?

  the new guy wrote @

yeah, stay at comfort inn, they have a awesome pool!

  AustinM wrote @

Where are you headed?

  SFnutegunray wrote @

Poor Tom : (

  dan wrote @

i feel really bad for you but really happy for the supper folders and i cuz your getting work on the new book

  Yodamaster wrote @

Y’know what would be awesome, finding Tom just sitting there in an airport or a mall. I mean he could be at a resting are or food court, but wouldn’t that be amazing to run into him in public like that? And is that a FW copy in the background?

  SFA wrote @


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