SF Aiden and LJ prove the t-shirt thing works!


  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

I’m gonna make one too! Stooky, by the way.

  superfoldergav in wrote @

dinosaurs (plastic)

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

ZOWA! Those are awesome!

  shavod98 wrote @

I might make one too just for a night shirt

  Grant wrote @

i already cut out the stencils. i made my on eye stencil because i hate to say it harveys right what will i do with green pennies

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

Total rockets!im gonna make one but my mom won’t let me get spray paint and I cant find an old shirt

  10cocoa wrote @


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I want to do it but does anyone know where I can get cheap but good green spray paint?

  SFA wrote @

maybe Home Depot?

  SFA wrote @

P.S. i did NOT mean to be rude.

  Sf aiden and LJ wrote @

You can go to michals to get spray paint

Tip:make the stencil thicker

  Sf Robby wrote @

I might do it.

  SMM Billy wrote @


  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

I did it too!

  sf nick the great wrote @

me three!!!!

  director2911 wrote @


  SF Princess wrote @


  sf nick the great wrote @

I met those guys at dallas book tour !

  Sf Robby wrote @

I might do it on a shirt that is black. In my school, people think you are in iss if you have a white shirt. That’s because in iss you can only wear white t shirts.

  sf nick the great wrote @

yoda says teach them white t-shirt = jedi you must. because stuped white = dark side is!!!!!!!

  SMM Billy wrote @

That Worked Well!

  Superfolder Sam is Awesome! wrote @


  1angrybird wrote @

i made a t shirt and it turned out all crappy

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