News and Updates!

Hey SuperFolders!!!

Things have been CRAZY lately and they are nowhere near normal yet! Here’s some of what’s going on:

*After a week on the road, I am way behind on my emails AND my Jabba deadline! So don’t panic, I’ll get it all done! Jabba the Puppett is shaping up pretty good! I hope you guys are going to like it!

* Next week I go to NYC for the Edgar (Allen Poe) Awards! Will Fake Mustache win his award from the Mystery Writers of America?

* Right now I’m in 6th place in the ReadKiddoRead awards… But I’m only 17 votes behind 4th place, right behind Jeff Kinney. Would 17 of you mind heading over there to vote?

*Webmaster Sam and I are going to try to get this site shaped up! There are 100 or more works of AWESOME ORIGAMI waiting to go up and they will go up soon! Thank you for your patience! And PLEASE stay tuned!


  sf nick the great wrote @

im fine with that tom (made my t- shirt!)

  foldy wan wrote @

I ended up voting for 2 other things in other sections,does that effect your book Tom?

  Jedi Gage wrote @

AWESOME!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!! OR! I! GAMI!!!!!!!

  sf nick the great wrote @

I ended up voteing for f.w.

  Sf Jared wrote @

Voted for the fortune wookie Tom!

  director2911 wrote @

I voted.

  Sf Robby wrote @

I already voted earlier in the contest. Someone else will have to do it.

  SFA wrote @

I just voted for you tom!

  grant wrote @

voted :) :)

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Ok Tom!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

voted! but it said best series?

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