SuperFolder TV! with your host SF Jedi Trevor!


  SFA wrote @


  10cocoa wrote @



  zipclark wrote @

TOAST (for those of you who dont know it means cool or stooky)

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I was going to do the SuperFolder news but I think you should do this instead cuz you had it first

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Hey sf Megan/phred maybe I could give you my email address and maybe I you could send me some:

– origami videos
– talking about anything stooky
– Star Wars crafts
– ETC.

And I could put in the news if you want just email me whenever my email is:
So if anyone wants to be apart of the news (even Tom or webmaster Sam) send me some vids!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Thanks! Id love to!

  Sf Robby wrote @

Woah, epic. If I ever make a fork and spoon blog, I will mak news and stuff. If I make vids, then I want them to be this good. Trevor, you are stooky.

  Sf Robby wrote @

You are toaststookynessplasticdinosaurstotalroketsmonsterlyboltjellostooky.( which is all of the murkish combined into one word. It can be called TSPDTRMBJS for short. (pronounced tis-pidit-rimib-jis)).

  Sf Robby wrote @

The whole murkish word didn’t show up. Here:(with spaces)
Toast stookyness plastic dinosaurs total rockets monsterly bolt jello stooky.

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @


  SF Griffin wrote @

Can’t wait till next time!I subscribed to you on YouTube and i love the video!I hope the next broadcast comes soon!

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

There’s one right now out for may the 4th!!!

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

DUUUUUUUUUDE!!! THIS IS BLOBTACULAR!! just a suggestion: how about the fortune wookie for new folding instrux??

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @


  Sf Robby wrote @

Where did u find that kellen holds jabba?

  Sf Robby wrote @

Oh, nvm. U were talking about art2 d2 and origami c3po. Not jabba.

  SFA wrote @

2 things: 1. yeah, how did you find that out? 2. not to be pickpock, but the movie comes out in 2015.

  lincoln wrote @

make more!!!

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