Return of the Cheeto Hog?


  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

First comment! Oh no, not theCheeto hog!

  wbfirk wrote @

Cheeto hog: one who is addicted to cheetos

  Bren0973 wrote @

… It looks like a thought bubble…

  DJ Fett wrote @

BTW, I got a Pilot G2 Gel Roller (Premium) .7!

  Spencer wrote @

Here’s a cheesy joke, I ate a wookie last week, it was very chewie!

  foldy wan wrote @

LOL.Does anyone think that the chairs of shame are related to this?

  foldy wan wrote @

maybe Quavando sits in the chair for hogging cheetos or something

  Noah wrote @

Nice one Spencer! I actually used that one time after I made Wookiee cookiees, and I didnt even know it! The Cheeto Hog is back, and piggier then ever!

  Christian Chang wrote @

I think that this is a dream or memory cause it is in that bubble

  SF Owen wrote @

you’re probably right. most likely memory

  Sf Robby wrote @

Maybe, it is a memory and quavando wants Cheetoes again because he is vegan now. Or maybe he is remembering this and he is now a vegetable hog.

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Don’t go back to the Dark Side, Quavondo! Don’t prove Harvey right!

As Harvey from OY: The Series:
Ha! The Cheeto Hog returns! Quavondo, you’ve REALLY made a fool of yourself, THIS TIME!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! *snort* HAHAHA!!!!!

  sf nick the great wrote @

oh no! well I did hear once a cheeto hog always a cheeto hog. oh how I dissc-like him!!!!

  SFA wrote @

that looks like the pork rinds from Darth Paper

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