SF Julien’s Question to all superfolders: Who’s side is he on?


  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Uh, the Samurai Side?

  wbfirk wrote @


  SFA wrote @

I KNOW! samurais are good so hes good

  Weaver wrote @

Post instrux, please! That’s awesome!

  SF Julien wrote @

I forgot how to make the helmet and the duck thingy, I emailed the body’s instux, and the head part is something that Fettman posted, I think. Sorry!

  SF Julien wrote @

And also the thing in his pocket is basically the lightsabers from R2 D2 except instead of a handle I put two pleats.

  superfolder wicket wrote @

looks like a jedi

  Sf Robby wrote @

Well, it looks like Samarai Jack so I’m saying light.

  SF Zachary wrote @

A farmer/ adventurer/ samurai/ Sf Robby/ ninja?

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

light-light-dark-light-dark, fine light

  Samuel wrote @

His own side

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