SuperFolder DoomKnight15’s Origami Yoda!


  SF Sean wrote @

Boom! First comment!

  AWSOME YODA!!!! wrote @

BOOM! Second comment

  SF Sean wrote @

There is no pride for second place, awesome Yoda (top gun line)

  SF king wrote @

i made one too nice work man!!!

  SF JackT wrote @

the cover toda! i still havent made it. how long did it take you to make the original cover yoda tom?

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

for my cover yoda it took me a week to perfect

  SFA wrote @

WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT (opening line in thrift shop) awesome

  SF DoomKnight15 wrote @

actullay guys i made it with a simple fold that makes a cover yoda! i invented it myself!

  SF DoomKnight15 wrote @

tom are u seeing this?

  kadenv wrote @

I made one that looks exactly the same
as that one

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  sfJamesfF wrote @


  SF Roberto wrote @

Hey SF doomknight15, do you play aqw?

  DoomKnight15 wrote @

uh what does aqw stand for?

  DoomKnight15 wrote @

and i dont probably

  SF DoomKnight15 wrote @

anyone want me to post instrux on how to make my own version of my cover yoda?

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