Instant Contest!!!! Win an actual piece of artwork from Jabba the Puppett!

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Random number generator picked #9 and that was JC!

Thanks for entering! Many more contests ahead!


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

My favourite character is Kellen, because he’s really funny, in my opinion.

  Anissa Jones wrote @

Our classroom favorite is Tommy. My students say they can relate to him the best.

  sf John wrote @

I’d say Dwight because he is funny and uses

  Ra “I like zebras” wrote @

My favorite is Dwight because because he says purple and makes awesome origami.

  The Kid wrote @

“DWIGHT! It HAS to be DWIGHT! Dwight ROCKS!”

  Jackson wrote @

Dwight because Dwight created Origami Yoda in the first place. He also seems to be a bit unsocial in a funny way. He talks to squirrels and in my opinion is the main character.

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

My favorite character in your book is Harvey.It must have took lot’s of self-control and will-power (and the force!)to defeat the dark-side.He’s kind of mean though. :( Is Harvey wielding Jabba?)

  Super noahv wrote @

Mine is kellen kellen rules his drawings are AAWSOME

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Harvey, because I play him in Origami Yoda: The Series, and I am really starting to understand Harvey’s emotional side. From all my sources, including interviews with Tom I found online: The poor kid’s got Asperger’s, a temper, hormone issues, a nerdy exterior, and a kid he can’t seem to shake off of his tail. He probably doesn’t even know he’s being a jerk! He just wants Dwight’s annoying traits gone, so he can have peace! And whatever happened to his birth father, Harvey Cunningham the First, well, we don’t know….. But we DO know he has a stepfather, and that’s also gotta be rough on him! I mean, he IS just a kid! Albeit a mean kid, but a kid nonetheless!

  Sf Robby wrote @

Where did you find all that?

  reiver smith wrote @

Murky because he has an interesting vocabulary.

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

I have to say Harvey, because he is a misunderstood genius, and he IS an origami master. That Darth Paper is pure stookiness!!!!!!

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

umm…can I change mine?I actually like Murky best.He started a cool/stooky language that everyone on this site uses,and he is STOOKY/MASSIVELY JELLO/TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  kadenv wrote @

I like Kellen because he is awesome at drawing.

  10cocoa wrote @

My favorite character is Lance, since, even though he’s a ”minor” character, he’s nice, cool, and supports Yoda, the ”good guy.”

  SFnutegunray wrote @

Murky is my favorite because of his vocabulary of murky words

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

totz dwight because he started this whole origami craze.

  sf henryf wrote @

Soapy the Monkey Because He Looks like a Rag

Dwight is my favorite character because he is brave enough to be himself…no matter what anyone thinks! That’s not easy in middle school, you know. :-)

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

My favorite character is Kellen, because he likes doodling, and so do I! He’s funny and smart and is a real good friend. Even though he has problems like wet stains and skate brats, he always perseveres and asks Origami Yoda!

  Nathaniel Coffey wrote @

I say Dwight because he does lots of stooky stuff plus he made origami yoda. Reading the book without Dwight is no fun. Murky is a close second though!

  larry wrote @

Dwight is my favorite character. I like him because he gives out really stooky advice with his Yoda!

  Sf sonic wrote @

My fav person is Dwight 😊

  SF Ricky wrote @

My favorite is Kellen, but for a good reason. See, when I was young all ai did was doodle little pictures. I drew super heroes. Lots and lots of ’em. It helped pass the time because sometimes “Dora the Explorer” and “Blue’s Clues” got boring. Soon I was interested in video games, not doodling. But when I saw Kellen’s doodles I was like, “Wow I wanna draw like that!” Nowadays I still doodle, thanks to Kellen! He’s super stooky-o!

  sf juan wrote @

My favourite character is Dwight because he is cool, wierd and unique also that he doesnt care about the insults of other person and maybe i like him to because One of my best friends is just like him.

  yodaboy88 wrote @

I have to say Dwight. Not because he is the main character, but in 4th grade, after I read the book for the first time, I wanted to BE Dwight. I dressed like him, acted like him, had Yoda like him. But my 4th grade teacher busted me because she didn’t like Origami Yoda. But still, without this book, I don’t know if I would be who I am today! Thanks Tom! You are my hero!
-SF Jack Tolen

  Andrew wrote @

He said we can choose any charachter so Im going to choose… Well duh! obviously im going to choose ( drumroll) origami yoda!!!

  HD wrote @

Dwight is cool.

  Sf Robby wrote @

Only one huh?
I say Dwight. If Dwight wasn’t so funny, I probably would’ve said : “This isn’t a book, it’s a roll of used toilet paper. Why the heck did I waste money on this?” but since Dwight was funny and wierd, I said “This book is so funny! I’m not gonna put it down till I finish!” Then, right when I finished, I picked up DP and read that too. Dwight was even funnier (when he was at McQuarrie. Not when he was grounded.) in that book so I fell in love with the books (I even said: “These are better than diary of a wimpy kid.”) a few weeks later, I found this site and sent in my deluxe yods pic to become a superfolder. So I say Dwight. Without him, I wouldn’t be typing this comment or even be folding origami.

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I agree. :)

  The Yodateer wrote @

My favorite character is Dwight bacause he is wierd and stooky at the same time! He is also great because he gets the worst grades in school, but an A++ in origami. Overall, Dwight is stookiness personified!!! Totally!!!

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Tommy. He is so curious about Origami Yoda.

  oy guy wrote @

Dwight because he holds origami yoda and does origami.

  ROBIN LOMAS wrote @

Dwight because he’s totally awesome and just like me

  SF Eagleflame wrote @

My favorite character is Origami Yoda! I love it’s predictions and the fact that Yoda is very very unique! ^_^

  SF Zac wrote @

My favorite character is Dwight Tharp because he is an ORIGAMI MASTER and the LORD OF STOOKINESS and I take after him in that I love origami and experimenting with it.

  brandonbee wrote @

Tommy because he is a true friend to Dwight who has no other true friends.

  Purse Girl wrote @

My favorite character is surprisingly Quavondo because when I was little, I was called a name (whole more like a thing) called the Rachel Touch. Whenever I try to touch them or try to be friends, they would touch somebody else and say “(insert kids name) has the Rachel touch.” It came back in middle school but was fixed easily because we have an awesome principal. Well that’s basically why Quavondo is my favorite character.

  Dalton Doane wrote @

I like Dwight the best he reminds me a lot of me because he does all kinds of wierd stuff at school and so do I. People always want me to make them a origami puppet .

  Luis santos wrote @

My favorite character is Dwight Tharp because he is silly,makes me laugh,and makes awesome he is the kid who carries origami yoda with him on his finger and gives really good advice to help students in his school!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

My favorite character is Murky because he invented stooky!

  deadpool9634 wrote @

I like Origami yoda because he gives great advice and is always willing to help

  mattweb2000 wrote @

murky, because he is so masively bolt and plastic dinosaurs, he puts the stooky in stookiness.

  mattweb2000 wrote @

Sorry i couldn’t use my WordPress account there.

  master tie breakfast wrote @

tommy because he is funny and can’t draw (hee hee)

  SFZaneK wrote @

Murky: his language of stookenglish is just total rockets! plus hes in grade 6 like me :D

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Mike: he came up with the idea to ask OY about the no video games, and the Pencil Wars game is total stookiness!

  DJ Fett wrote @

I like Quavondo. He’s a pretty cool character! I like his hairdo and his old nickname. He was pretty funny. My favorite drawing of him is when he’s choking on the Big Pink (LOL).

  Hugh wrote @

If its not too late I like Murky because he is so stooky.

  Poke master wrote @

Dwight,after all, he did make the series about him and Yoda!!

  Olivia Martin wrote @

I am a 5th & 6th grade librarian in Central Arkansas. I first read OY to last years 5th graders & again this year to this group of 5th graders. They loved it! I can’t keep the series on the bookshelf! Thank you writing books that kids want to read. I think Dwight would be our favorite character & I would love to have an original piece of artwork to frame & hang in our library!

  sfgrant wrote @

i like dwight because he made origami yoda and is an awesome dude and i love all of his creations

  Captian Superfolder Zach wrote @

I like Dwight because he’s stooky x7!

  the new guy wrote @

I like Dwight because he is silly, helpful, and he reminds me of myself. {:)

  AustinM wrote @

Hmm… I already have a drawing of Tommy, Dwight, OY and DP… So I’m going with Quavondo, because we have something in common… a love for CHEETOS!!!!

  shavod98 wrote @

Dwight! he’s awesome and funny and he created origami yoda. I hope i’m not late!

  superfolderethanmon wrote @

It would have to be kellen. Its probably because of his drawings and how well he can make picture of anybody he wants

  Origami Yoda-Sarah/C3-PO wrote @

My favorite OY characters are ……HAN FOLDO………..and………….ORIGAMI YODA!Han Foldo is funny and sarcastic.And Origami Yoda is really funny in the doodles.(Thanks Kellen!)
I was one of those 3/4th graders that read the first book,and three years later still do!I even read the books BEFORE I DISCOVERED STAR WAR’S AWESOMENESS.

  superfolder wicket wrote @

My favorite character is Murky because of the stooky language that he invented.

  Christian Chang wrote @

It’s not to late right? My favorite character is Dwight because he is the one who first started origami yoda

  zipclark wrote @

I like dwight because I am like him. weird but cool

  kristinburns wrote @

Tom, I would just like to say you’re one of the stookyest folks I know.

  Weaver wrote @

I really like the character of Mike. That is all. Am I too late?

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I like Soapy cuz he’s really just a happy monkey trying to help kids do good hygiene ! And now he’s got a bad reputation based on cussing! So I feel bad for him!
( from soapy: WASH YOUR HANDS!
The other soapy: I want some @&$)!$&@$! CHEETOS!)

  sf nick the great wrote @

kellon cuss he is an stooky artist !
pluss he was nise to tommy when he codint draw . ps. he drew an awsome miliom falcon!

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I like Dwight,because I can kinda relate,being weird and all.I also liked the squirrel incident.Also,it is he who holds the YODA!!! :)

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

I like Tommy because he likes to write and make case files. I like to write, and one day I plan to make a case file, just like Tommy.

  Kevin H Don wrote @

i like tommy, because he is the one who writes the case files.

  Caleb Rudolph wrote @

Dwight because he is always funny when he’s in the book. He’s also the reason why The Case Files exist.

  SF Princess wrote @

Dwight is my favorite because he is just as random and funny as I can be. :)

  George M wrote @

Kellen because I like to draw doodles and he

  superfolder Grey wrote @

i have to say harvey because he does do funny stuff and that picture of him in TSOTFW (the secret of the fotune wookiee) the one where he goes like “IM nice now.” and in DPSB (darth paper strikes back he is still funny. “its hot, wahh” it makes me laugh and so he has problems making friends he is still funny.

  Yodamaster wrote @

t see the post yet. PLEASE enter me! So my favorite character is Dwight because he is random and makes origami like I do usually. He also is a star wars fan and a yoda fan.

  SFA wrote @

my favorite character is(of course ,) origami yoda himself! because he helps people like I do!

  darthcjdude wrote @

I think mine is……….. Tommy! He started all this case file stuff he rocks!

  wbfirk wrote @

Sara because shes a genius!

  Superfolder Austin wrote @

Sara because she created the Fortune Wookiee and she handled Kellen’s problem with care and the plan was a master plan.

  Stever2d201 wrote @

Dwight because he says the wierdest and stookiest things ever !!!!! Plus he is the best at origami including making yoda!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜† Dwight rules

  Samuel wrote @

Lance because he is cool and has not made his own origami carachter

  Tyger wrote @

I like Amy because she’s not a girly girl

  matthew wrote @

I like tommy because hes cool

  Sf Julien K. wrote @

My favorite character is Dwight because he”s not afraid tomake origami or be silly.

  221 wrote @

I like dwight because he made yoda and it looks cool.

  221 wrote @

oh by the way please post instructions how to make the cover yoda.

  StarWarsFreak4537 wrote @

I like Dwight because he is the character I relate to the most!

  Sf Jared wrote @

I’d say… Dwight because he’s the creator of origami yoda! And he’s basically the main character besides tommy plus he’s a origami master. I wish I could meet him!

  SF Griffin wrote @

i like Tommy cuz he is like me!He really knows his STAR WARS!

  Master Aidan wrote @

My favorite is murky because he makes up words that mean the same as awesome and uncool. I also like him because he has a nick-name that everyone calls him

  Super Folder Fettman wrote @

I am kind of stuck between Quavondo and
Murky. Although I have to go with Murky.
He invented all of these total rocket words!

My favorite character is Sara Bolt.
It’s not just because she’s a girl who made the Fortune Wookiee and Han Foldo, it’s because of her personality.
In the Fortune Wookiee, Sara told Tommy that all of the advice she had given people had randomly popped into her head. That shows that Sara is a good (and quick) thinker who really knows how to assist her friends.
In ART2-D2, Sara included a section on her doodle creation: Smileys. This is an example of her unique creativity (and resourcefulness. I never thought that tracing a quarter could create something so stooky!).
Also in the Fortune Wookiee, Sara revealed a quality that no one had guessed she possessed: She knows her Star Wars fact very well. I myself had no idea what the Sullustan that was Lando’s co-pilot’s name was Nien Nunb.
Thank you for reading my little essay on why Sara Bolt is my favorite character, and I hope you agree with me.

P.S. Sorry I wrote an essay! It kinda has stuck with my writing style because we do essays in Ancient Civilizations ALL THE TIME!

  SF JackT wrote @

my favorite is Dwight. he is so original and he is also very mysterious

  simon wrote @

seems simple. Dwight rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF Jedi knight Chad Youmans wrote @

Origami Yoda

  sf Joeman wrote @

DWIGHT/origami yoda

  spencehoff wrote @

My favorite character is kellen because he can draw pictures that really go with the story and make you ant to laugh!

  jwhitec5 wrote @

Sara, cause she, not Fortune Wookie/Han Foldo gave like everyone (exciept Murky) good advice.

  Hansel wrote @

My favourite character is Tommy for many reasons. First, he is really cool and loves writing like me. Second, he almost has the same bald hair cut as me. And lastly, we both love star wars! Please pick me!

  RARjnglwirhrhjo;l wrote @

My favorite character is dwight, because he MADE O Y! HE IS BY FAR A BOSS

  joejon9 wrote @

I liked Dwight because he has origami yoda nice short and sweet

  jacob wrote @

i like murky because he is just plain total rockets! he has his own language and its just STOOKY!

  Daxton wrote @

I like Dwight because of all the interesting and weird stuff he does.

  Sf Robby wrote @

Don’t count his as an entry. JC, where did u find all that stuff about Harvey?

  Superfolder Not Dwight wrote @

My favorite character is Dwight because he is absolutely HILARIOUS and is so good at origami, I wouldn’t be surprised if he can even fold the Fumaiki Kawahata! Yeah, he that good!

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

My favorite character is Quavondo because of his awsome adventures with
food and society and finds a why to get
out of a sticky situation. :D

  Jedi Gage wrote @

My favorite character is Origami Yoda because he started it all.

  Kungfutyla wrote @

Dwight. I’m a lot like him and he seems to be an interesting, STOOKY dude.

  Bruce R. Greenwell wrote @

My favorite character is Harvey Cunningham. Don’t think I don’t like Origami Yoda, but I find Harvey more serious than the other characters. Yes, Harvey is a jerk sometimes, evil creator of Darth Paper, but he eventually turns Darth Paper into Anakin Skywalker showing that he hasn’t truly turned to the dark side. Also, in my opinion, Harvey, Dwight, and Tommy arguing is one of my favorite parts of the books.

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Dwight because he’s funny, has origami yoda, an origami master, and awesome?smart

  SF Iron Lad wrote @

This does not count but it is already May 9

  alexander wrote @

dwight you rock

  SF Kane wrote @


  Bonzo wrote @

Murky because he makes up new words for things

  jke505 wrote @

Dwight because he is the weird one

  sonic12012 wrote @

Kellen he is spooky at drawing

  Collin wrote @

Dwight is my favorite because he is weird like me and he taught me how to do origami.

  Mike wrote @

my favorite character is dwight, because he is different, he is always very weird, people always says he is like a maniac, but when he creates something everybody wants to do it, too!

  SF Journey Droid wrote @

I like Tommy because he is a stooky guy and writes the case files.

  david wrote @

i would say dwight, because he is weird but funny at thee same time

  King Of Yoda wrote @

I Like Harvey

  SF Prime wrote @

My favorite is willy the walking waffle because he is so random and is smothered with stookiness.

  broctimus aka brocton wrote @

hey guys dont forfet to send me some pics to

  alexis wrote @

hi I like dwight

  Silas peeders wrote @

Dwight because he makes most of the stooky origami. Heisenberg toltal rockets!

  awsome folder wrote @

i like dwight!

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Yay JC! Good work!

  Squirrel wrote @

I like nuts… and Dwight

  foldi master wrote @

Squirrel Power! Yoda said ‘no sense does that make’.

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