Stooktacular Showcase #6!

Is this really our Sixth Showcase? I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am. This one has some waffle-tastic, monsterly fizzpop origami!!!

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  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

First comment! My B-Wing is finally up! I have an updated version, if you want to see it, reply!

  Jackson wrote @

I replied

  Sf oscar wrote @

I do.

  SF stookygami wrote @

Hey guys, like my sarlacc? I’m gonna start a contest here at! Try making your own sarlacc or boba fett and send them to me at! No Harveys allowed! After 1 month I will send the awnsers to Tom

  SF potato wrote @

Woah! Slender man!

  HectorGA wrote @

great blog and post as well, added to my favourites :)

  SF Griffin wrote @

I am so glad my Darth Paper is finally up!Thanks Tom!I will send more origami soon!

  yodaboy88 wrote @

Actually, my Jabba is Kirigami, because of the toung and arms -SF JackT

  Jackson wrote @

Why is everyone being so exact today? I mean dude he was saying it was good and congratulating you.

  StarWarsFreak4537 wrote @

Oh no!!!!! Slender Man! Don’t look or it takes you!

  wbfirk wrote @

Oh no!!!!! Blender Man! hide your fruit or it takes them!

  kadenv wrote @

Oh no!!!!! Ender Man! Hide your blocks or it takes them!

  Purse Girl wrote @

Thank you tom or putting up my picture. And yes guys, that is a yoda pillow buddy. Hey Tom for the next showcase, can you put up my big yoda and my other creations.

  Samuel wrote @

Stocky general g

  sf nick the great wrote @

sf griffin! your darth paper is monsterly stooky!

  Weaver wrote @


  Rageon Thomas wrote @

Stooky Darth Paper SF Griffin!

  matthew wrote @


  mattweb2000 wrote @

aah, I love myself a good show case. Would you agree?

  Jackson wrote @


  SF Director2911 wrote @

I made the white Darth Paper and my lil bro made Slenderman.

  SFA wrote @


  origami358 wrote @

If anyone sees the Origami Luke that’s mine.

  origami358 wrote @

And this is my first post as a superfolder.

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Nice general g!!!!
Make instrux pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!

  Rageon Thomas wrote @

I folded that Luke Skyfolder with the help of origami instructions of sara in Art2-D2

  Purse Girl wrote @

I got my instructions from there is a yoda hat, and some harder origami yodas. my favorite one from my picture is the one next to yoda pillow buddy. he is the easiest to do. hey is everyone going to watch the yoda chronicals on cartoon network? I definately am. and besure to wish your mom’s a happy mothers day guys.

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Yeah I feel kind of bad for getting all worked up about it but you know I just wanted to tell people that I am the maker of that darth paper
( I didn’t make instrux I just folded this one!!! )

  stooky folds wrote @

yay my jabba the puppet is almost here!!!!!!!!

  SF stookygami wrote @

INSTANT UPDATE: SARLACC CONTEST:No posts yet. Keep sending me creations plz!!! Remember:!!

  Yodadude275 wrote @

Ahh! Shredder Man!
Hide your paper or it takes them!

  10cocoa wrote @


  kadenv wrote @

/ \
\ II /
———— jenga fett

  kadenv wrote @

wait. My jango fett didnt turn out

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I love the Yoda ontop of Yoda!

  SF Griffin wrote @


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