PurseGirl’s other amazing projects!

She didn’t stop after the Purse!


  AustinM wrote @

I usually don’t say OMG, to quote Tommy, but… OMG! I love that shirt! It completely relates to me, as kids teased me in public school for my Asperger’s. Did you write the saying, or get the shirt with the saying on it and add OY?

  Purse Gurl wrote @

I made the shirt and got the quote from toms bio on goodreads. My sister and I both have Asperger’s too. So I can relate. I’ve been bullied too. It’s been going on since 4th grade and I am about to graduate 8th grade.

  Weaver wrote @

I’m homeschooled. :)

  Weaver wrote @

I’m actually a Christian-homeschooled-nerd who listens to orchestra music (go, Hans Zimmer!) and folds Origami Star Wars characters. What’s not to tease?

  AustinM wrote @

Ditto, Weaver just remove the religion. I’m not all that religious. But, I’m homeschooled and love it.

  Weaver wrote @

Nice stuff, Purse Girl! I like the shirt.

  Purse Girl wrote @

Thank you, surprisingly I did the yoda without the design I was just looking at a picture cause I didn’t have the book with me

  SFA wrote @

wow…… that is one GIANT Yoda!

  SF banana wrote @

I know sweet

  SFA wrote @


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Ok first off PURSE GIRL YOU ROCK!!!!!!! And 2nd I’m homeschooled Christian who folds star wars origami too weaver!

  Purse Girl wrote @

Thank You Megan i will be auditioning for you show too as Rhondella and also i went Garage Slae shopping at my city and i found a Dagobah Frog Habitat and an Obi-Wan Episode 1 action figure and all together i only spent 10 dollars

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