One person blacklisted, one almost…

Just blacklisted a commenter who was writing "Lame!!!!" on stuff!

And got really annoyed by a guy who wrote, "meh."
"Meh" = Harvey behavior.
DON’T DO IT AGAIN or you’ll be joining the other guy on the blacklist site!

Some of you are new here and maybe aren’t aware that Tom wants this to be one place on the Internet where the comments aren’t full of nasty behavior.

Here’s a tip:
If you comment starts "I don’t mean to be a Harvey, but…" then you probably shouldn’t post it.

Thankfully, most of you SFs are totally fizzpop and never cause a problem!



  SF Princess wrote @

So true! :)

  10cocoa wrote @


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Thanks for helping with the spam! This will be a lot better without Harvey comments

  Sf Robby wrote @

I thought “meh” just meant “me”. I guess I was wrong because they nearly got blacklisted.

  Jackson wrote @

No it basicly means booooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

  Purse Girl wrote @

Thank you Tom, and Megan, how would you feel about me being on OY:TS? I also play Frankie on lord of the rings, but I can be both. Your friend JC was thinking about me being on it.

  Sf Robby wrote @

Remember when someone said that they gave his book a good review on their site? (it was on the folding page.) then everyone got mad at the guy who posted it and called him a spammer and they ended up just making more spam by complaining.

  superfolderyami wrote @


  Sf ? wrote @

(Anakin paperwalker) Be careful about your comments, snips.
(Me) Anakin is posting now? My origami has figured out how to post!

  Jackson wrote @

I saw that! My Yoda told him it was mean by replying to the comment.

  Jackson wrote @

I saw the one who got blacklisted!

  Jackson wrote @

He said Lame!! to one of the slideshows

  Jackson wrote @

I actually thought that slideshow was stooky

  SF TylerM wrote @

not that it matters but, whos slideshow was it? P.S. I like the new font, Tom.

  Jackson wrote @

Julien’s slideshow

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

I am really glad that you are trying to put a stop to this.quick question,are you allowed to give tips to other people to make their origami better?

  Jackson wrote @

As long as you sweet talk them first like:
ex. Wow your Yoda is Stooky I do mine a little different. I fold the edges more, I recomend you try that it makes it look cooler. Not that your’s didn’t look cool. It was stooky. I hope you like my recomendation. Yoda rulz.

Jackson Out

  sf nick the great wrote @

im really sorry. boo hoo tears.

  Jackson wrote @

Fey didn’t you get blacklisted? You WERE the one who said Lame!! I saw it.

  Jackson wrote @

I mean Hey

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

Why do they do this kind of stuff? It’s just wrong! What a load of narnar!

  sf nick the great wrote @

im sory for saying i dont mean to be a harvey !sob! im realy sory tom! please fogive me!

  SFA wrote @

don’t worry, nick, some people probably won’t forgive, but me, some other SFs, tom, sam and God will always forgive! (sorry if I offended you by saying some people won’t forgive)

  Yodamaster wrote @

Cool new font styles for headings. Has a star wars feel to it.

  shavod98 wrote @

yeah, like the new font by the way.

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

me too!

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

harveys… thanx for helping with the problem!

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

what is blacklisted?

  Jackson wrote @

Kicked out

  SF banana wrote @

I am guessing it means the same as blackmailed example: caught doing something wrong) longest comment ever!!!!!!! Still stooky though.

  Sf Robby wrote @

No. Blacklist means BANNED! But blackmail is when you hold something against someone.

  SF banana wrote @

Friends at school say I act weird but am so smart

  SFA wrote @

I hope no one calls ANYONE’S origami the f word! that would be WAY past Harvey and downright DEVIL!!!!!!:(

  sf nick the great wrote @

wahts the new front ?

  SF Ewok wrote @

The new font for everything duh

  DJ Fett wrote @

That’s not nice! He was talking about what the font is called!

  zipclark wrote @

whats a black list site

  mattweb2000 wrote @

oh no…. oh nononononononooooo… is that me who said meh? it totaly was wasnt it? ugghh, Im so sorry if it ws me!!!

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