SF Potato’s Mystery Spotlight and Origami Storm Trooper Boss!

SF Potato asks:
"Who could it be??????
If someone guesses before I post answer then they will win the instructions.
They must leave their guess in the comments"


  Yoda wrote @

Foldi Wan

  SF potato wrote @

Only one post per person dude

  SF potato wrote @

I mean guess

  SF Zac wrote @

Qui Gon!

  ecfolz wrote @

luke skywalker hanfoldo

  SF potato wrote @

Only one vote!

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @


  SF potato wrote @

Oh man…
Wasn’t expecting some one to win so fast…
Super folder CJ!
Do you have an email?

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Just send it to origamichewbacca@wordpress.com

I prefer using that email!

  SF potato wrote @


  SF potato wrote @

Sorry CJ i sent it and it said there was a problem sending it.

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Oops! I messed up the email! Here’s the real one:


  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Please send the instrux! I really want to fold Luke!

  SF potato wrote @


  SF potato wrote @

I sent the email yesterday. Did you get it?

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Yeah, I did! I made an origami Smeagol using your instrux! I think I’ll make an origami Luke too.

  10cocoa wrote @

Mace Windu!

  SFA wrote @

nice stormtrooper!

  SF TylerM wrote @

Mr. Potato, question. Was the stormtrooper a boss in his division or was Tom saying your stormtrooper was boss (which it totally is)?

  SF potato wrote @

I said he was the boss. Like the leader of storm troopers

  SF Prime wrote @

It’s either Han or Luke.

  Sf Robby wrote @

It’s a guy with a lightsaber! I WIN

  the new guy wrote @


  SF potato wrote @

Ok everyone SF CJ was the first to say the one: luke. For those of you that said it before him and didn’t win is becasue you left 2 or 3 guesses which is kinda not fair cuz i say luke or han then it was not han but it was luke so i win. It gives you more of a chance to win.

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


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