Airplane doodles….

When stuck on runway in hot crowded airplane…. doodle you must !


  Jackson wrote @

First comment

  SFA wrote @

huh, i really thought tommy would b in one after i saw dwight

I totally should have doodled when I was stuck on the runway for FOUR HOURS in Philly (Reading Terminal Market has some good cheese steaks…)! But there was no paper.

  Sf Robby wrote @

I’m going to Philly for a program called aqua squad.

Robby: Stooky.

  SF Princess wrote @

No kidding! LOL I was stuck in a plane for a loong time when we went to CA and I doodles/listened to music.

  SF JackT wrote @

for Jabba The Puppet, i think either Tommy or Rabaski will bring JABBA

  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @

wait wheres jabba the puppet?

  AustinM wrote @

He didn’t draw it, as the doodle would give away Jabba’s carrier/user.

  Sf Robby wrote @

He proboly did draw it but he doesn’t want to give it away so he didn’t post it.

  origami358 wrote @

Maybe Mr. Howell wields Jabba the Puppett because Kellen once said in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and I quote “Ever Notice how much Mr. Howell looks like Jabba the Hutt?”.

  foldy wan wrote @

It could be,but more likely,Tom will put in a new kid.Or he’ll make Harvey bad again.But lil’ Mr.Howell will always be a possibility.

  origami358 wrote @

Well lets think about that Harvey’s personality is like that of Darth Vader. And Mr. Howell is like Jabba.

  DJ Fett wrote @

Yeah, but then they describe him as more of a rancor in DPSB.

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