Origami Stormtrooper body by Superfolder BradyA!

One of the big challenges we haven’t really tackled much is making bodies for our origami characters. Darth and Yoda were full bodies, but Chewie, Han, Art2 and C3P0 sort of faded away near the legs. And my Stormtroopers have mostly just been helmets. But BradyA has come up with a nice method here for making Stormtrooper arms, torsos and legs!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @


As Qui-Gami says: There’s always a Stookier origami method!

The Force is strong with you, BradyA!

  Yoda wrote @

WOW is this kirigami?!?!?!?

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

instrux you must post.

  foldi master wrote @

It looks like kirigami. Not a bad thing (Mr. Angleberger is watching for Harveys) but I can tell.

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