Harvey! The Movie! A Mockumentary!

Here’s a trailer for a Harvey Movie SF JC and SF JourneyDroid are considering!

If you want to see the actual movie get made, leave a comment with the hashtag #harveymovie in the comments.

I’ll start:



  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Thanks for putting this up, Tom!

I wonder how many #harveymovie comments there will be!

  DJ Fett wrote @

I’d love to see this! #harveymovie

  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

This is gonna be stooky! :D #harveymovie

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

12 more #harveymovie, and this thing’s happening! (I already counted mine, so this comment doesn’t count as one……)

And at the end, I will randomly pick one of the SuperFolders who commented, and they will get a SPECIAL sneak peek of the new Darth Paper Strikes Back season of OY:TS!!!

#harvey movie! New favorite quote: “Harvey! Exclamation point!”

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @


  Purse Girl wrote @

I would like to see this #harveymovie

  sf yodadude275 wrote @

HARVEY exclamation point.

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

The #harveymovie will be Stooktacular!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

6 more!

(It would have been 8, but I realized that Tom’s vote counts as more than one).

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

I wanna see the #harveymovie!JC,is it gonna be on youtube or on the yoda site?

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Both, probably!

And guess what?! YOU WON!!! You get a sneak peek of the Darth Paper season of OY:TS!!!! Just give me your email, and I’ll send you it!

(If you can’t give me your email, I’ll just put it on YouTube for you, for a limited time, but some other SFs might see it….)

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @


  sf nick the great wrote @


  AustinM wrote @

HARVEY! EXCLAMATION POINT! Kinda like the rival in Gen. 4 of Pokémon… P-O-K- accent-E Balls! #harveymovie

  sf John wrote @

0_0! Stooky!
P.s can I be in this?

  Bren0973 wrote @

Totally wannah see a #harveymovie!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Well guys, YOU DID IT!!!


I filmed a TON tonight, but I realized that I didn’t really like the end product.

I will still put the unfinished project on YouTube, but I’ll make it unlisted. Tom can out the link on his site, for you guys to see.

But you guys wanted a #harveymovie, and a movie you will get!

Instead/alongside of a mockumentary, I will make a movie with HARVEY! as the main character! Featuring original talent from Origami Yoda: The Series!

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @


  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @

:D :) :P <3 :() :O

  yodataco wrote @

:s :T :| #harveymovie

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

#harveymovie IS A GO!!

  Dalton Haglund wrote @

Is the movie supposed to move? cuz mine ain’t.


  Tommy Lomax wrote @

#harveymovie. this is going to be EPIC!!!!

  SFA wrote @

the “HARVEY! EXCLAMATION POINT!”was from sf Jedi Trevor’s sf news!

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @


  SF TylerM wrote @

Lets do this thing!!!!!!!!

  tigerzoom99 wrote @

looks good

  Hayden wrote @


  TheCaptainAcorn wrote @


  chickenman462 wrote @

I want #harveymovie!!!!!

  Jarrett Tyree wrote @


  origamismallfryfury wrote @

total rockets & plasticdinosaurs! I want to see the #HARVEYMOVIE

  plankthewood wrote @

Oh, I forgot: #harveymovie!

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