I just posted this.I couldn’t post your email address, so if you want to you can put it in the comments…
It might be easier though, if you started a blog for this project and we could just send people there….

Tom Anglebergerwww.origamiyoda.com

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Darth Paper Strikes Back
Secret of THE FORTUNE WOOKIEE Art2D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling
JABBA the PUPPETT coming Aug. 6!

Fake Mustache
Horton Halfpott
Crankee Doodle, coming summer 2013

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Tom Angleberger <tomangleberger> wrote:

"I’m making my own origami series finally!!!!
after making many, many things to help the site and make things stooktacular on the site with alot of super folders help,
I want to help make some fun for the site and for us superfolders!!!
its a win-win!
I’m making origami Harry Potter the series, kind of like the strange case of origami yoda, it is based on school…..
but much more…… whats the word?…….

all you have to do is email me and send me an audition for one of the characters below.

along with it you have to make an origami puppet with the character
character list:
Luke/ origami Harry Potter
Ryan/ Origami Ron weasely
Rosey/ Origami Hermione
Johnathon/ origami snape
sammy/ origami dumbledore (my character)
willy/ origami flitwick
Sara/ origami professor Mcgonagle
Josiah/ origami Hagrid
andy/ origami voldemort

we also need adults for 2 roles!!! the roles are:
Uncle frank (no puppet)

Aunt Judy (no puppet)

please sign up it would mean the world to me!!!



  Jarrett Tyree wrote @

Three things:
First off, LOVE the idea for origami Harry Potter!!!!!!!!
Second: Hopefully I can call dibs on Luke p.s. is it just me or doesthat name sound familiar? Luke Skywalker people!!!!!
Third:Does anybody think it’s weird that DWIGHT is holding Dumbledore!!! That’s awesomeness!!!

  Purse Girl wrote @

I would like to sign up for the role of rosey. I can juggle as many parts as you want to. Fold of the rings,OY the series. I am a juggler

  The Yodateer wrote @

Could I be the person who plays origami Harry? If I can’t, i’d like to be the origami Voldemort. I’m already working on BOTH of them!

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

hopefully you can be the one who carrys voldemort, just send me an audition at trevormcb@yahoo.com

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Wait um…… You should be harry,
It would be easier on me all the evil characters are getting played by “the eighth graders” so I’m planning on asking a couple of my friends to play voldemort or something but Harry would be good!!!! :)

  Bren0973 wrote @

I hope I can call dibs for Ryan!

  Bren0973 wrote @

I call dibs for Ryan!

  Tyger wrote @

I should be Ryan because I think I would make a great Ron and I already made him

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

Harry Potter =meh.STAR WARS(the base for this sight,besides origami)=AWWWWSOOOMMMEEE!!!! \:{)

  SF charlie wrote @

I call jonathon!!!!!!!!!!!! PWEASE IF NOT HAGRID!!!!!

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Johnathon it is I already have hagrid
But send me an audition at trevormcb@yahoo.com

  SFA wrote @

2 things, 1) star wars bob, that’s Harvey behavior! 2) I WANNA B FLITWICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

You can be flitwick!!!!!
Just send me an audition at trevormcb@yahoo.com
I really need actors it would help!!

  r2wokie2 wrote @

stocky stuff

  bren0973 wrote @

I take back my dibs my mom said no :(

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