SF Will’s Star Wars Music Poll…

SF Will wants to know what your favorite Star Wars Music is… vote in the comments!Pick one of these or something else…. SORRY, NO Weird Al this time…

Main themeImperial March (Vader’s theme)Battle of Yavin
Duel of the Fates
Across the Stars
Cantina band
Luke + Leia
Throne room
Victory celebration
Binary sunset
Death star
Parade of the Ewoks
Yoda’s theme
Jabba the hutt
Leia’s theme
Asteroid field
Forest battle


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

Imperial March! :D

  SF Princess wrote @

Parade of Ewoks! :) Ewoks are awesome!
(or yoda’s)

Binary Sunset for sure!

  DJ Fett wrote @


  Weaver wrote @

Dual of the fates. Love those choirs!

  SF Nathaniel wrote @


  SF Gavin W wrote @


  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Imperial March.

  Purse Girl wrote @

Duel of the fates, I played it in my school band before and it was stooky

And Duel of the Fates. and Imperial March. And the Main Theme. ;-)

  GabeW wrote @

Imperial march,I did that for a violin recital.

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

Hey, me too! Sort of (I play the cello :) ).

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Imperial March, Main Theme, and Cantina Band! But if I had to pick one…. Imperial March!

  sf nick the great wrote @

hey guys email me at nicholish04gmail.com !

  sf nick the great wrote @

oopss i mean nicholish04@gmail.com!

  AustinM wrote @

Hm… just one? But there’s three I like (add a Harvey-ish whine there)! If I had to pick one, it’d be… a tie between Main Theme and Imperial March!

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @


  SFA wrote @

sorry I’ve been gone for a long time anyway MAIN THEME!

  sf gabe r wrote @

duel of the fates

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Cantina Band. I can play it using my mouth!

  10cocoa wrote @


  superfolder wicket wrote @

binary sunset

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

duh duh duh duh(Imperial March)duh duh duh…

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

And Yoda’s theme,and the main theme ,and the Duel of Fates.
(:|)< = Yoda!!!!!!

  SF JackT wrote @

Parade of Ewoks!
Yub Nub!

  sf ? wrote @


  Jmasta wrote @

Cantina band

  SFnutegunray wrote @

throne room

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

Battle of the heroes!

  Dan wrote @

Across the stars or yodas theam

  SF SebL wrote @

What happened to Battle of the Heroes, guys!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

Imperial March!!!!

  sf turtle12 wrote @

Yodas theme also known as May The Force Be With You!!!!!

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Vader’s Theme

  SFWIllK wrote @

Duel of the Fates aka best Star Wars song ever!!!

  SFWIllK wrote @

You guys shouldn’t bother voting cause I’m going to ask Tom to make mine the winner cause this was my idea!!

  SFWIllK wrote @

Just kidding! No one is that much of a Harvey!

  SF Gandalf wrote @

Vader’s Theme.

  superfoldergeneralcreasus wrote @

Across the Stars!!!!! I can almost play it on the violin! plus, its one of the only good things about episode 2

  SF Sabermaster wrote @

Vader’s Theme. No contest.

  foldi master wrote @

i think the cantina band (which i can play on piano) or maybe asteroid feild

  SFWIllK wrote @

When will the poll end so we can decide on a winner? ( It got put up more than a month ago) not that I don’t like it I just want to see it posted sometime soon.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Why don’t we end it now. Can you tally up the votes and add them to the comments?

  SFWIllK wrote @

oops dumb me Tom said he’d start posting more things in august

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