A Non-Contest! Draw your self-portrait Kellen style for Ultimate SuperFolder Showcase!

Hey SFs! I was going to make this a contest, but I HATE picking a winner and telling other SFs they didn’t win.

So this time, the prize will be being part of the ULTIMATE Guide to SuperFolders! Which, I hope will include all current SuperFolders and become a permanent part of the site.

Here’s a fantastic example of what I’m looking for. In fact, this drawing by SF KeFoldi is what inspired this whole thing!
Joseph and Ben Kefoldi

Continue reading for the rules, which MUST be followed…

So, here’s what you do:
1) DRAW (or doodle) a picture of you with the origami puppet that you would choice to wield.
2) Do NOT put any private information on the drawing, like your last name, email, address, etc… You will be disqualified or asked to redo!
3) SCAN it if possible, or take a good photo of it that shows just the picture and not, for example, your living room.
4) Email it to tom (at) origamiyoda.com WITH THE SUBJECT LINE: Kellen’s Doodle of [Your Name]. This is a MUST!
5) Do it THIS weekend!


  sf John wrote @


  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I like it too,but if it’s so stooky…why is nobody else commenting |:|

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

I am SOOOO sending a drawing in! This is Stooktacular!

  Purse Girl wrote @

I am so in this

  DJ Fett wrote @

I’m definitely getting in here…

  SFA wrote @

I’m (probably) SO gonna do this!

  Ethan wrote @

I guess i should get started.

  Dan wrote @


  SF TylerM wrote @

Tom, if that sf isnt a sd (doodler) you might want to reconsider. That picture looks like it was drawn on the computer. And it is TOTALLY hard to draw like that on the computer!

  Sf Robby wrote @

I’ll send it in with my corrected Blue and Green drawings! I also made onix and charmeleon!

  charlie wrote @

i Stunk at this i made a pikpok pete Me!!!!!! SO UNSTOOKY!!!! SO UNTOTAL ROCKETSSS!!!!

  SF Nimbus wrote @

Don’t say that! I bet it is the fizzpop! Remember what it said at the end of ART2-D2.

  SF charlie wrote @

I made a good one but my dog Jake peed on it :P my mom said it was in the newspaper I KEEP MY STOOKY STUFF IN NEWSPAPERS MOM and she put me in time out !!!

  Somebody wrote @

Really? Jake the dog peed on it?

  SF Nimbus wrote @

Time out?

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

I’ll send one in BUT
I had the idea to do a SuperFolder guide but I didn’t send it in because of the origami overload so can I be apart of making the guide?

  samigami1221samigami1221 wrote @

Total rockets! I’m an awesome drawer, so this should be pretty easy! Plus, it will be fun! Doodling Kellen style will be challenging! But I can DO IT!!! Stay stooky Tom!

  zbscratch wrote @

I’m done with mine! I’m going to send it in. This is SF Zac by the way. This is now my username.

  sf nick the great wrote @

im so doing this!

  origami358 wrote @

I am doing a drawing myself. I like to draw and I think this could be a big step in me being a rookie SF.

  the new guy wrote @

My computer can’t do crap, so I won,t be able to do this but, I wish I could. : /

  Purse Girl wrote @

hey the c word is not a nice word

  Sf Robby wrote @

I finished the portrait. I’m holding Pikachu and yoda.

  AustinM wrote @

Hey Tom, did you get mine? I sent it last night at about 9:55-10:00 central time. You haven’t responded, so I’ll resend it tommorow if you don’t reply to this comment. I have Starkiller in the picture.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hope no one minds, I’m not responding to the entries, just letting Sam handle this one….

  AustinM wrote @

Thanks for clearing that up. I was worried!

  SF Nimbus wrote @

Ok! I was worried it didnt send! Thanks for clearing that up.

  Ethan wrote @

Hey Tom my superfolder name is pokegami trainer Ethan. I sent you my pic just a minute ago!

  Ethan wrote @

ok… are you a clone of me or somthing!?!?!?!?! I also like pokemon,origami, and star wars too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Hansel wrote @

Hey Tom so when will you post the entries?

  wbfirk wrote @

yeah yeah

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

oh yes!!! i am in this!!! stookygami out

  wbfirk wrote @

mine looks so pikpok… suc at drawing I do

  SF Nimbus wrote @

You did good on your profile icon!

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

hey guys. i will send in my portrait soon… but i hope to start a website deticated to skylanders origami!

In hopes to see crease-im break,

SF Stookygami

  Omenix wrote @

That sounds monsterly rockets can I make some origami skylanders and send them to u fir the website.
I’m actually not an sf yet so I’ll have to become one then I am totally part of this

  Omenix wrote @

Btw how do I become a sf ( SuperFolder)

  Anonymous wrote @

better get started

  Anonymous wrote @

i sent one in. This is a stooky non-contest!

  SF Roberto wrote @

you become a superfolder when you send a picture of origami (something you made) to Mr Angleberger. You also have to ask him I guess…

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