Numbers from WB Sam!

The line-up of origami waiting to be featured on the site is finally back in double-digits! Right now the wait is right around 2 weeks. Better than it was!

We are now nearing 6 million hits! And that’s not because of me and Tom it’s because of you SuperFolders who have sent in so much stooky stuff that we now have over 3,000 posts!

And here’s another number: Art2D2 is still on the Indiebound Bestseller list at #8!


  SFA wrote @


  SF Gage wrote @

Well how about getting my post up)

  Sf Robby wrote @

I hope my Pokemon are up soon.

  Dan wrote @

Thx tom but. It was a team affort between you guys and us SF

  SF JackT wrote @

stooky! hey, for 6 million hits can you post a new secret origami star wars character with instructions maybe?

  SFA wrote @

I think he posts instrux only on may the 4th NOT frm any other sfs

  SFA wrote @

whoops! I meant he sends instrux that he made himself go up on may the 4th only except this year when sf cole made jar jar (speaking of which where is sf cole?).

  SF banana wrote @

I don’t know

  lilnallybuster or Gavin wrote @

Now I understand why my origamis not up yet

  darthcjdude wrote @

hes putting something of mine on showcase 9

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