News from Tom…

1) Entries are still coming in for the non-contest, so we’ll give you a little more time to finish up. So far this is the STOOKIEST thing of all time! Wait until you seem the amazing drawings that have come in!

2) Cece and I are about to head to NYC. Webmaster Sam is at a rock-climbing camp. And my Mother-In-Law is house-sitting. She’s great at house-sitting (and video golf) but she won’t be updating the Website. Sam and I will both try to do it by iPhone, but this would be a great time NOT to send either of us an email if you want a snappy answer…

3) I’ll be meeting R2D2 in NYC! Stooky! I am taking along my giant origami C3P0 so I can have my picture taken with him!
(I’m also heading to Times Square to see that giant LEGO X-Wing!)

4) Several meetings in NYC that may produce big news… so stay tuned!


  SF Nimbus wrote @

Sweet! I just finished a book that goes into great detail about ho R2’s sounds! It is the fizzpop but hard to explain…

  AustinM wrote @

My mom showed me a picture of the Lego X-Wing on Facebook. It’s pretty stooky. Are you going to watch The Yoda Chronicles tommorow night, Tom?

  Purse Girl wrote @

yeah tom the yoda cronicals are going to be on cartoon network tomarrow. i am so excited. plus i only have one more week of school left :), then its graduation time

  darthcjdude wrote @

YODA CRONICALS ROCK ps there is a new bad guy named…. jek 14!

  kadenv wrote @

i dont have cable so i cant watch the Yoda Chronicles:(

  SF TylerM wrote @

Rock climbing camp sounds monsterly fizzpop STOOOOOOOOOKY!!!!

  kadenv wrote @

stook! can’t wait to see the doodles!

  kadenv wrote @

i mean stooky!

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

): no cable= no Yoda Chronicles :(

  lord vader wrote @

welcome to the club

  Yodamaster wrote @

Wish they made hero factory figures life size. I

  Sf Robby wrote @

Hero factory isn’t that great.

  Sf Robby wrote @

Darn. My pokemon will take longer to be up.

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Ditto with my Super heroes

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I saw it on a Holonet (You Tube)video
and it was awesome!!!!Send lot’s of pics and videos!!!
May the Force be with you.(:|)<

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

Sorry Tom.That was a bad goodbye!!!My Yoda’s ears are by the May!!!
May the Force be with you!

  sf johns rules wrote @

Dont have cable too my parents dont want cable so no yoda c cause they keep watching this filippino chanel and its so boring by the way im filippino and i live 8n australia coz we migrated here

  sf johns rules wrote @

Thats how i found origami yoda in the book fair

  sf segura wrote @

Changed my name

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

That Lego X-Wing is the biggest model ever! And I made an origami Jek-14. Or should I say: Jek-FOLDteen! Good pun, right?

  sf nick the great wrote @

hey sfs i been holding this secrit so long toms going to put my name in book 4 i promise! tom emaild my dad after i met tom in dallas!

  Darthcjdude wrote @

No fair! Ps Tom Can you put my name in book 4? PLEASE RESPOND

  Anonymous wrote @

/\ (:|)<. /\

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