JackT was one of the first SuperFolders! I’ve known him since Star Wars Celebration 2010! It’s been a long time! But lately, JackT has been folding up a storm! Here’s a sample!

Yep, that’s me and Webmaster Sam down at the bottom right!


  sf John wrote @


  Fantastic Torch wrote @

………..Im speechless so much epic in one page

  rfjfrf wrote @

I remember him from a long time ago. How long have I been here, 3 years? 4? Eh, I’m here now and will be for a while like others. Can’t wait for summer, always stooky to go on daily without school and just fold. By the way, stooky sonic stuff. And that boba fett up there is a clever design.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Why does my phone call me rfjfrf!?! that’s my username, not my actual name on WP!

  darthcjdude wrote @

im already on summer break!

  GabeW wrote @

me too!

  super folder cam wrote @


  Yodamaster wrote @

my school is stupid and we get out on june 25th. I swear, my school dept had SERIOUS issues!

  SFA wrote @

mine goes until the 28th

  SFRockhopper wrote @

Mine got out on the 19th.

  SFtimothy wrote @

These are better than mine😋

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

June twelfth 10 days till summer vacation for me

  Origami Yoda wrote @

Hmm stupid yodamasters school is. Harvey’s the teachers are hmm??

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @


Your fellow superfolder,

SF Stookygami

  SFA wrote @

I totally agree!

  SF Sean wrote @

Two words: monsterly stooky

  SF Sean wrote @

LOL dr.eggman’s an egg! :-P

  sonic12012 wrote @

Can someone go on my website please? It is sonic12012blog.wordpress.com/

Monsterly STOOKY!!! I also have something to say about OY and ART2. Okay: Sooo, I was in art class one day, and I folded a huge 5-Fold Yoda. Pretty normal. Then I had an Idea. Earlier that morning, the door to the art room was locked. And this guy in my class started banging the door with his fists + saying, “SQUIRRELS! COME SAVE ME!!” Very Dwight-ish, right?! Well, here’s the thing: that guy DOESN’T KNOW THE BOOKS EXIST(I asked him.). Sooo, I handed him the Yoda to see what was gonna happen. I watched him pick it up and stare at it for a bit, then went back to my work. Then, the guy motioned for me to look. He had made my Yoda into and ART2-D2. So he is now known as Dwight in my mind. Two weeks later, I folded another Yoda and gave it to a different guy to see what would happen. He asked me, “Why does he have a pair of sunglasses? It’s kinda weird.” So, he is now known as Harvey in my mind.

SUPER WEIRD, RIGHT?! I call my class the Karma Class, because whenever we get a stooky teacher one year, we lose that teacher the next. What’s ever more weird is that my grade isn’t going to have art next year. They changed it from a trimester to a semester. SUPER DUPER WEIRD, RIGHT?!

  SFA wrote @

that Is funny and weird!

  Sf Robby wrote @

I jut got out of school for the summer.

  Sf Robby wrote @

What is the blue thing with an origami triangle.

  SF JackT wrote @

its a water creature called CHAOS

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Sonic The Hedgehog! He also has Golden Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Eggman, Shadow, and other stuff!

  SFA wrote @

The only sonic characters I know are the basic and the ones from the tv show sonic underground

  SFRockhopper wrote @

Speaking of Sonic Underground, this morning, (due to my younger brother’s request) I made an origami Sonic, an origami Manic, and an origami Sonia. I will send pictures in when Tom lets us send them in again.

  sonic12012 wrote @

Anyone been on my website yet?

  super folder cam wrote @

tom, its more of a tornado:)

  SF Gage wrote @


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