Me and R2D2 at Book Expo in NYC

I really need some yellow pants to pull off the C3Po look!


  AustinM wrote @

Woah! Stooky!

  Darth Vader wrote @


  DJ Fett wrote @

Dang, why does that say Darth Vader?

  Purse Girl wrote @

That is so stooky is that you or cece in the c3po costume

  superfolderethanmon wrote @

Its tom because I remember when i met him in Manhatten that same day he was wearing shoes just like the on in the picture

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

R2 is awesome

  superfolderethanmon wrote @

I got to see tom today at the book of wonders in manhatten. I even got to help him make the giant yoda. It was stooky!!!

  Purse Girl wrote @

that is stooky

  Purse Gurl wrote @

I got to help too at downers grove with the big yoda today.

  Secretfolder wrote @

Dj fett? I think it is boba fett

  Weaver wrote @

Nice eye holes!

  Anonymous wrote @


  superfolderethanmon wrote @

Plus he got to sign my books and draw faces on my origami


  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

I didn’t even notice the eye holes! That’s funny!
They are the nose I was wondering if you could see in there.

  Star Wars Bob wrote @


  weblo you up wrote @

he should make the story of Foldy wan kenobi

  sf nick the great wrote @

i met tom in dallas and folded the giant yoda with tom and I gave him a jabba + he signd my books! that’s whare I met the super folders who first made the oy t shirts…………….. ompa star wars style hey hey hey hey heeeeey sexy lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SFA wrote @

Is that the REAL R2-D2?

  AustinM wrote @

I think so. It looks like the real one.

  sf Th3godking wrote @


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