SF CanadianFolderJosh’s Obi Wan and Anakin!


  DJ Fett wrote @

Wow, this is totally Salamanders, dude! Nice attention to the details!

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

HOLY SHMOWZOW!! on the two jedi nice details!

  Superfolder stookygami wrote @

supposed to sound like yoda that was. judge me do not!

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Sweet Obi Wan

  Anonymous wrote @


  Secretfolder wrote @

Marry obi-wan u must- secret folder’s Yoda.

  sf John wrote @


Wow. Just wow. I mean, the facial details are just… aww, dang, I can’t even describe how stooky they are. I applaud you with great amazement!

  CanadianFolder Josh wrote @

Which characters should I make next?

  SFA wrote @

hmmmm, how about asoka and pademe?

  GUY44 wrote @


  SuperFolder CJ wrote @


P.S. Vernon has taken the OY EU! Help!

  superfolderethanmon wrote @

Holy goshno!!! There so amazing. You should make a C3PO

  superfolder of awesomeness wrote @

wow the I think those are epic make luke skywalker next and the details are so epic too!!!!!!!! :)

  adnan wrote @

i think you should make luke.

  Anonymous wrote @

great folding try for a young anakin

  Mustafa wrote @

great folding try fo a young anakin

  superfolder of awesomeness wrote @

the details on the pupettes are awesome

  mekell05 wrote @

nice details.

  stooky folds wrote @


  Jmasta wrote @

Holy purple those are good!

  GUY44 wrote @

i have three words to describe this…STOOKY, PURPLE, AND…PLASTIC DINOSAURS!

  SDA wrote @

there’s tape on them, and they look better with the tape!

  CanadianFolder Josh wrote @

Just finished a fold! Now to draw…….

  shavod98 wrote @

Reblogged this on ShavodBlog and commented:
Awesome details

  CanadianFolder Josh wrote @

I finished, LUKE SKYWALKER (but I’m sick so it may take a while before I can get a pic)

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