SF TylerM’s new series: Iron Man: Folded Adventures

SF TylerM sez:

I had a great idea for an origami series. Origami Iron Man! The characters are

Daniel/Origami Iron Man
Brianna/Origami Pepper
Steve/Origami War Machine
Ben/Origami Happy Hogan
Robert/Origami Obadiah Stane
Abe/Origami Whiplash
and my character Will/Origami Trevor Slattery.

Audition for your character and make an origami puppet for your character


  SFA wrote @

I’ll make an Iron fold right now!

  Super Folder Alex Warren wrote @

I’ve made MK 42.

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Lets see ive made Iron Man and War Machine already and you forgot BLACK WIDOW…deadly..

  Secretfolder wrote @


  SF TylerM wrote @

I was going to put her in it but she isn’t really sicnificant to my story.

  SF TylerM wrote @

my email is chewbaccalover1104@gmail.com

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I can take on War Machine!!!

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

I actually made an awesome Iron Man,so I think if I got that roll,and you saw the puppet,I’d be a good Daniel.

  Yodamaster wrote @

I can make a good hulkbuster.

  SF pokegami trainer Ethan wrote @

I want to know how to make an origami iron man. This site doesn’t have the ones i would like to make. But they are still good

  sf gabe r wrote @

i made war machine and iron man and i will make whiplash

  Luis santos wrote @

I call iron man

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

make iron patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Not yet Superfolder Cam wrote @

What about the Mandrian? I call him. Oh wait. Extremis? IDK WHAT TO FOLD!!!! Can i do Mandrian?

  Not Yet Superfolder Cam wrote @

Ok I made Origami Mandrian!!! Now to send it in. :)

  Not yet Superfolder Cam wrote @

Well its not in. But i still get to fold something else!

  darthshreder wrote @

I’m already war wachine

  sf segura wrote @

When does this finnish

  sf segura wrote @

Make a family guy one

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