Kellen’s Stooky Gallery of Stooky SuperFolders! (Non-contest)

Kellen has been REALLY REALLY busy and has doodled portraits of almost 50 SuperFolders! (Hmmm…. some of them may not actually be by Kellen, but they’re so good I can’t tell which is which….)

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SFs…. I think this is the best thing we’ve made together ever! I loved seeing all your entries so much I even made one asked Kellen to make one of me, too. (I’m holding the Rude Planet from the cover of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.)


  superfolder wicket wrote @

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway, yay for me being in there.

  sf John wrote @


  The Yodateer wrote @

Plastic Dinosaurs! Stooky! I bet this is a big event in superfolder history!

  Sf Robby wrote @

I just randomly got on the site and the first portrait was me! Is it like that for everyone else.

  Purse Girl wrote @

no u were up there first

  AustinM wrote @

Mine isn’t there… :(

  SF Nimbus wrote @

You had to get the title of the email just right.
I feel sorry for you! I bet yours was stooky!

  Sf Robby wrote @

Soo.. Will my Pokemon be up soon.

  Purse Girl wrote @

Yay i am up there

  DJ Fett wrote @

Yay! I’m up! Along with Nahdarigami!

  SFA wrote @


  SFA wrote @

robby, I’M THE ONE AFTER YOU! *calms down* sorry, I’m just so excited!

  SFA wrote @

sorry the one AFTER the one after you. I’m gonna change my name to SDA! (superdrawer of awesomeness)

  SDA wrote @

there we go! NEW NAME!

  SDA wrote @

Zachary=me! (so you know!)

  The Yodateer wrote @

I’m the guy with the Kit Creaso finger puppet!!! You guys know, “Nolan”

  SFRockhopper wrote @

By the way, mine is Rome + Origami Starkiller

  AustinM wrote @

I had Starkiller too!

  SF RockHopper wrote @


  stooky folds wrote @

hey weaver nice hobbit t shirt

  superfolderyami wrote @

Mines the one with genaral creaseious

  superfolderyami wrote @

And the duwd ho rocks

  SuperFolder CJ wrote @

Yeah! Mine’s up there! I have OriGollum! Precioussssss… LOL! And I like everyone else’s, too!

  SF Tatsuki wrote @


  DrewtheMasterFolder wrote @

Stooky! mine is up! thanks Tom! Great job everyone!

  origami358 wrote @

If you see the drawing with no name and Luke. It’s mine.

  SDA wrote @

no way…..I have one too! it was based on one I made out of doodlegami.

  Sf Robby wrote @


  zmaster5 wrote @


  Sf Robby wrote @

What puppet is Ethan holding?

  SF Roberto wrote @

I wonder when my post will be up…

  SF Roberto wrote @

as for the puppet ethan is holding, its probably pikachu (look at his shirt)

  SF AustinM wrote @

No, it looks more like Audino.

  Weaver wrote @

Nice job everyone, I enjoied looking! We have some super cool drawers out there.
Cool Rude Planet :P
“Honk if you love evil” (Tag and Bink)

  Clone1625 wrote @

Hey! I made an origami pikachu before i even looked at this post! I feel good about myself that someone else figured out that idea too :)

  wbfirk wrote @

every one else looks cool!

  Sf Robby wrote @

I was first again! Is this sideshow just random?

  10cocoa wrote @

Epic and STOOKY!

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