SuperFolder Dark Knight’s Origami Ninja Instructions



  SFA wrote @

yay! ninja!

  SFA wrote @

origami ninja! (bom bom bom) origami ninja! (bom bom bom)

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Thanks, I created it in elementary school, and I first named it Guy #1, and a bunch of mean people renamed it and said they created it, calling it Mr.Total E. Awesome, long history huh?

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Oh, and visit my origami blog at

  Dark Shadow wrote @

I was in a battle with some ninjas once. I won because I am the amazing and mysterious… DARK SHADOW…

  BigGodzillaFan wrote @

ninja vs jedi

  BigGodzillaFan wrote @

my dad likes ninjas.

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Cool, i’m working on more in the “Ancient Warriors” series, like samurai and egyptian guards.

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