A Startling Message from SuperFolder JonathanC!

SF JonathanC says:
"Dear fellow SuperFolders,I have made an Origami Yoda (hmm… I wonder why). But this was no ordinary yoda made out of paper that you put on your finger. This origami yoda was special. It gave real advice. Me and my very best freind, Silas, were on the playground. We kept on asking my yoda questiohns, and yoda kept on giving the right answers. Then, one day, I lost him so me and him made an emergency yoda. The thing is, he didn’t have a face. So, we asked him where to look for something to make his face. When we asked he said: "Around the corner you must look." We looked, and we saw a broken purple crayon. Sooner or later, we asked him where my other yoda is, and sure enough, there it was. I am telling you, this really did happen. Don’t give up on your origami yoda either. I am incredibly insane.

Well, SFs? Have any of you had similar experiences? If so let’s hear all about them in the comments!


  SDA wrote @

this reminds me of the time when i asked my friend (i didnt know oy yet) where my penicl was and he said to look in my notebook and there it was

  wbfirk wrote @


  Sf Robby wrote @

O. One listens to my yodas

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

you’re pulling my lightsaber.

  kadenv wrote @

o.0 u kidding right?
I dont believe u.

  The Yodateer wrote @

So you’re basicly saying that every Yoda is fake? I’m just trying to straighten everything, not trying to be a Harvey. Plus I totaly believe his story!

  SF JonathanC wrote @


  SF JackT wrote @

when I went to Star Wars Celebration V to meet Tom, as we were walking into the convention center I was using my FAVORITE origami yoda as a bookmark. when I got to meet Tom, yoda was gone, I admit I cried (Tom probably remembered that day) but he still signed my book. later that day as my dad and I got into the car, origami yoda was on the car seat.
what do you think?
Force or Hoax?
I have believed in the Force ever since that day. -SF JackT

  sf yodadude275 wrote @


  SF Nimbus wrote @


I think that it really is the Force. I totally believe your story!

  SF Seb L wrote @

Your SF name, and the fact that you said you were insane……. I totaly understand this now! You’re Jonothan Crane, the Scarecrow from Batman! I am a great detective. I should work with Dwight or Sara.

  SF JonathanC wrote @

No…There is a lot of J.C. people…but he has always been my favorite Batman character.

  SF SebL wrote @

Oh cool you looked at my comment! Hmm… I still think I should work with Dwight…..AND Batman!

  bunnymaster wrote @

wait, does that mean he is the actor or that it didn’t happen?

  kristinburns wrote @

hey SF Jonathan. how did OY talk 2 u?

  AustinM wrote @

Not yet, but my FW gives real advice

  SF Roberto wrote @

You guys are lucky, none of my yodas even want to talk to me. (or maybe they can’t)

  chewbacca wrote @

i had a much similar experience. But it was with han and chewie.freaky thing is that when i held them my voice was hans or chewies. Strange huh.even stranger like saras FW it had nothimg written in the flaps i just imitated chewie and suddenly came rhe anwsers from han.

  sf yodadude275 wrote @

I have a question chewbacca (and anyone else who had a yoda experience like johnathan), did you ask your OWN han and chewie (whatever finger puppet you used to answer advice to the rest of you) a question that YOU wanted an answer for?? did they/you say the right answer?

  AustinM wrote @

No, I did it for my brother and dad, and it was true!

  sf yodadude275 wrote @

I will try to make one of my yodas talk.
Anyone have any strategys to make it talk?

  sf segura wrote @

Yeah same here i made an origami yoda in class (the emergency one) then we had maths and all of a sudden k felt smart k got all the questions right then when i came home k was happy like never before. Its true

  chewbacca wrote @


  SF Nimbus wrote @

Who is K?

  Sf Robby wrote @

I’m sure my yoda would give good advice if people listened to it.

  wbfirk wrote @

ok then, what is one of my dogs names, yoda

  SF Sabermaster wrote @

Who did the Yoda voice?

  lilnallybuster or Gavin wrote @

One time my Yoda predicted that there would be a dark Yoda that came to my school he got the person and what origami they had right!

  SF Nimbus wrote @

I didnt believe in the force but a planet was found that rotates around 2 suns and these stories are making me rethink my belif…

  sf dwight wrote @


  Superfolder ZeeZoop wrote @

That’s stooky! But freaky! It’s steaky!

  sf yodadude275 wrote @

lets see… one strategy could be…. putting yoda on my finger… when someone asks for advice i will barely think and say the first reasonable answer that pops into my head. what do you guys think?

  bunnymaster wrote @

Could work! I think that is what I did when my Yoda gave advice1

  Emilio Arrieta wrote @

My Yoda gives advice too! One day me and my brother were by some wooden planks on the ground and my Yoda told my brother “trip you will” and guess what happened 5 seconds later? He tripped!

  bunnymaster wrote @

My Yoda told my brother not to play by some wooden planks because he would trip and 5 seconds later he tripped!

  plankthewood wrote @

My Cover Yoda helped my survive my first year of middle school. He helped me and my worst enemy become best friends, helped me overcome my shyness (which helped me make 9 new friends), and helped me with my crush, even though he didn’t make us exactly boyfriend and girlfriend. It was the best year of school I ever had, and it was all thanks to my Cover Yoda!

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