Pinhole R2D2 says “Happy Graduation to everyone finishing up school recently, now or soon!” @bonniegrrrl

Notice the little graduation hat on SF PurseGirl’s version of Bonnie Burton’s Pinhole Art2D2 Camera?

That’s R2’s way of saying, "Happy Graduation from whatever grade you are just finishing!"

Congratulations on another year of school SFs! And to those of you who survived State Standards Tests…. may this be the last year you have to endure them!

Have a great summer!


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

WOOHOO! :D No school anymore until September! :D

  Purse Girl wrote @

Awww tom, you are sooooo sweet. i am glad that i am a part of this. thank you for putting that up.

  AustinM wrote @

w00t! I’ve been out of school since the third week of May. I’m homeschooled, so yeah.

  SF 1#starwarsfan wrote @

I FIGURED OUT THE OTHER BAD GUY OF BOOK 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S Professor FunTime and his insidious singing calculator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

being homeshcooled is awsome!!!!!!!

  GabeW wrote @

I’m home-schooled too!

  SF Brendan wrote @

home school high five!

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

for summer, im going o washington and NY!!!!!!!!!

  AustinM wrote @

Water park, lots of movies and maybe Florida!

  the new guy wrote @


  the new guy wrote @


  Origami-Man 3000 wrote @

Summer rocks!

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Cool R2!

  Anonymous wrote @

my dad is going to get the suprise attack of jabba the puppet for me


  Scf ? wrote @

I get out friday:|

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