Not a good time to send email….

Hey SFs!I’m on vacation right now! (A working vacation where I will hopefully make some real progress on a certain top secret book. )
( I’m also doing a bookstore visit in Chincoteague Virginia next Saturday if you are anywhere nearby…)

Meanwhile WB Sam is both house-sitting and working on his own project… (The site changes I talked about.)

So… Save your emails (along with your pics) for a little while please!
If you’ve already sent some and are waiting for a reply…. Sorry! It may be a long wait.


That’s okay! Have a fun vaycay!

  Coolguy 425 wrote @

Not O.K!
it is taking forever!

  Coolguy 425 wrote @

Were is my Yoda? ( Caleb’s funky Yoda )

  SF Brendan wrote @

guys guess what tom said he might add my creation to “a book im working on” that must be the book!!!!!

  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @

OMG. can you give a hint to what creation you made.

  SF Brendan wrote @

ill quote the email”Hmmmm… maybe there’s some way to give the rebels an advantage?

This might slip into a book i’m working on actuallY! if it does i’ll definitely include your name in some way!”


sounds like i was the first person to hear about the “secret” book!

  SF Brendan wrote @

and lets just say….. it was a board game thats my only hint!

  Superfolder Ethan Mon wrote @

Also tom how long will your vacation be

  AustinM wrote @

Another top secret book? OY 5? Is Jabba done yet? Cuz I sent you my address to send my drawing I won from the comic contest. I hope Starkiller is the cover star for OY 5 (if that’s what you’re working on) because he is my favorite character.

  SF Roberto wrote @

whos starkiller

  AustinM wrote @

Galen Marek is his real name. He was Vader’s secret apprentice in the gap between Episodes 3 and 4, and is part of the Expanded Universe. He is the main character in the Force Unleashed games. In the first game, the original died and was replaced with a clone of Galen in Force Unleashed 2.

  Weaver wrote @

Tom is planning to do 6 books kinda based on the movies. And Galen isn’t in the movies.

  SF Gavin W wrote @

I am not sure if tom would do someone for the cover star if it’s from the expanded universe and not that many people are familiar with that person

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

where r u goin tom?

  SF Gavin W wrote @

I wonder if it’s part of the origami yoda series

  Sf Robby wrote @

Lok at my new gravitar.

  jabbalover33 wrote @


  SF jabbalover33 wrote @


  SDA wrote @

Jar Jar is the next book. Think about it, 1) the Instrux that r posted on may the 4th were in the order of the books when they come out. the first being art2, the second being Jabba. this year was Jar Jar
2) when tom was doing that April Fools joke, Jar Jar was one of the fake cover stars, and tom said under the picture “maybe someday, but not this time.”
3) some of you might say that Tom didn’t come up with the Instrux. And that’s true. But that STILL dosen’t mean Tom can’t use sf cole’s Instrux

  SDA wrote @

oh yeah,
4) Tom said on May the 4th “funny…..Art2 and Jabba became books, So maybe Jar Jar……?” in my own opinion, I think that guarantees that Jar Jar will be the next book (sorry if I offended you Tom”

  SF Owen wrote @

if there is another, then probably, but there is no garuantee that there will even be a next book

  SDA wrote @

that’s true, unless there’s a cliffhanger like in FW

  Kaden McMahan wrote @


  darthcjdude wrote @

guys check out my blog! http//darthcjdude.wordpress/

  Coolguy 425 wrote @

Send to a hacker derp.

  SF Roberto wrote @

how long is he gonna be away?

  bren0973 wrote @

guys remember my comment above?
it said he might add my creation to one of his books!

  bren0973 wrote @

his exact words were “a book im working on”
and… i cant reveal what it is!

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