Live! Um Hi Guy’s Weeping Angel! #doctorwho


  alex462 wrote @


  sf John wrote @


  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @


  rfjfrf wrote @

Yeah! Love doctor who. John hurt still confuses me!

  10cocoa wrote @

Wug! Please post instrux!

  SF EthanC wrote @


  kadenv wrote @

o.0 stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  Anonymous wrote @


  Weaver wrote @


  Weaver wrote @

Whatever holds the image of an angel then becomes an angel…

  stooky folds wrote @

i blinked 10000 times so what do i do?

  Yodamaster wrote @

Well, f you’re staring at an angel and you either look away or blink, it doesn’t end good. It’s what “ended” The Doctor’s last companion, Amy.

Hmm… Poor Amy.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Now we got Clara. I miss Amy and rory!!!! Can’t wait for the 50th special with Matt smith AND David Tennent! And a new doctor. Brenda, John hurts doctor was the one who fought in the war and destroyed the time lords and daleks.

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Nothing has been confirmed yet on the John Hurt subject. Let’s not speculate.

  Anonymous wrote @

dr who is epic

  SF charlie wrote @

Yup poor amy :( sad she died and we got that new assatent But cool!

  kadenv wrote @

hmmmm… I think doctor who is on Netflix. I’ll watch it if its not to violent or swears.

  SF Nimbus wrote @

The Doctor is NONviolent but it occasionally says bad language.

  kadenv wrote @

also is that more than one piece of paper?

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Um, it’s actually 4 pieces.

  kadenv wrote @

I just made one using more than one piece of paper using the picture as a guide

  superfolder michael t wrote @


  judemaster wrote @

is this sapossed to confuse me?

  max is awesome wrote @

dont even blink

  SF Nimbus wrote @

If I had a TARDIS, I would go to November 23, 3013. ;)

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

Your birthday,Nimbus?

  SF Nimbus wrote @

The day the next season comes out. It tells at the very end of The Name of the Doctor.

  kadenv wrote @


  Peachpanda246 wrote @

Oh my gosh! Whatever holds the image of an angel becomes an angel! (Trying not to blink right now…)

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