Want to make an origami Fortune Hulk?

Download this awesome Fortune Hulk paper made by SF Hansel!

Just don’t let him get wrinkly… You wouldn’t like him when he’s wrinkly…


  SF Gavin W wrote @



  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Fortune hulk, SMASH

  T mac wrote @

how do you print it

  stooky folds wrote @

respect the furtune hulk!!!!

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  darthshreder wrote @

Reblogged this on origamistarwarsfolds.

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

how do you make not folding but makeing your own fortune yoda or something

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Yeah, what software did you use to design it?

  Hansel Cintron wrote @

I used microsoft paint.

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Reblogged this on Super Origami Forever! and commented:
Hi everyone, one of my friends, SuperFolder Hansel has created an origami Hulk template, print out the picture, then make a Fortune teller, or Fortune Wookie.

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

i cant wait to show my friend this!!!!!!!

  SForigamidude wrote @

my cousin likes the avengers hmm…maybe i can print it out and make it.

  darth mall wrote @

i went disny world and i made r2-d2

  cHARLEY :) wrote @

do they like origami?

  Not yet Superfolder Cam wrote @

Hmm, I made an Iron Man, maybe I’ll make Hulk and possibly Thor next? Either way it is STOOKY!!!

  SForigamidude wrote @

i wonder how to print it. Ive never printed something out before.

  SFJordanL wrote @


  2012jmiv wrote @

SF Hansel you and the fortune hulk are stooky to the max!

  R2D2 wrote @

massively monsterly bolt

  Doodlegami master kyle wrote @

Totally bolt

  kadenv wrote @

im not a huge fan of the avengers but that is still BOLT!

  judah wrote @

lol, fun

  Hayden wrote @

I used this paper to complete my origami Avengers!

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