At last we can unveil: Origami Pokemon from SF Robby!



  AustinM wrote @

HOLY COW! That stuff is stooky, Robby!

  DrewtheMasterFolder wrote @

Stooky!!! Great job!

  DJ Fett wrote @


  foldy wan wrote @

stooky squirtle!

  origami yoda wrote @


  Carlos wrote @

YES!!!!! A POKEMON FAN THAT DOES ORIGAMI!!! MAKE SOME INSTRUCTIONS FOR THEM!!!! IM A NERD FOR POKEMON!!!! P.S,im NOT an actual nerd,i have like 60 or like 56 friends witch means im popular.

  superfolderrobby wrote @

You sound like me, only I’m not popular.

  SF Brendan wrote @

*RAISES HAND* me too i have only… maybe 4 friends? (sorry caps lock broke)

  aidencollinsworth wrote @

Reblogged this on Sf Aiden's blog and commented:
I ❤ pokemon and origami

  SF Nimbus wrote @

Awesome! I will show these to my friend who LOVES Pokemon. Who is pre-ordering X or Y or both?

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Black 2 and White 2 are way better, the 3D mode sucks!

  AustinM wrote @

I don’t have a 3DS, but I hope to get one for my birthday (along with Jabba) so I can save my birthday money till October 12th to buy it.

  superfolderrobby wrote @

I got a 3DS with Christmas money. (I get $100 every year from my uncle Bill) So now I just need money from mowing lawns, then I can get all the stuff I want. (Which include
Lego Spongebob undersea party, Pokemon adventures Manga, and Pokemon Y.)
P.S. Dark Knight, I find the 3D mode to be very good. I know that you might have different eyesight so I think I like the 3d because I have better than perfect eyesight.

  SF Robby wrote @

I’m not preordering. I’m just going to the store and buying.

  kadenv wrote @

me and my friend like playing the card game but don’t watch the tv show, anyways, STOOKY!

  superfolderrobby wrote @

You should watch the show. It’s making a come back.

  SuperFolder Isaac wrote @

The fly fishing is awesome on the ar cards, have you ever caught a golden sailfish or electric eel?

  SF Roberto wrote @

who has genesect yet? i do

  AustinM wrote @

I want it, but I missed the event. I did get Meloetta, though.

  superfolderrobby wrote @

I missed gene sect and got meloetta too. They are probably going to have another genesect event for when the genesect movie comes out though.

  Anonymous wrote @


  superfolderrobby wrote @

My origami Pokemon story doodles aren’t up. I guess I can post them on my blog though.
I made a X and Y talk page too!

  superfolderrobby wrote @

Reblogged this on Fork and Spoon Blog and commented:
Tom finnaly got them up… My doodles aren’t here though. (Sorry Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. You have to wait to show up.)

  AustinM wrote @


Yellow is a girl!!!

  SDA wrote @

thouht she was a boy! anyway, not to be mean Robby, but I can make Squirtle.

  superfolderrobby wrote @

I know she is a girl, but this is my own story where she is a boy.

  r2wokie2 wrote @

i fond a different way to make pikachu

  SDA wrote @

I know how nicely rate them, Robby! bulbasaur is easy (simplicity is the best!), pikachu is hard, although, it looks like Fishgoth’s amazing one! Charmander and Squrtle……..BEEEEAAAAASSSSTTTTTT!

  superfolderrobby wrote @

My favorite is bulbasaur. I will post instrux for them.

  alabob wrote @

That thing is just STOOKY

  TT Raven wrote @

I can’t wait for X and Y, and I see your Gravatar is the new starter, Froakie, Robby.

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

That Bulbasaur is a nice one! Charmander, too!

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