John Green — Phineas & Ferb and Teenboat artist — decorates an Origami Yoda! Very nicely!


  Sf Robby wrote @

He should’ve made a perry yoda!

  Sf Robby wrote @

First comment

  SF Nimbus wrote @

Dooby dooby doo bah dooby dooby doo bah! YODA P!

  mavrick12 wrote @


  wbfirk wrote @

Where do phineas and pherb get all there stuff and why are they so smart? (Guy form ancient aliens-“ALIENS!”

  SF AustinM wrote @

It’s not aliens… it’s by…

  SF AustinM wrote @

I’m watching Phineas & Ferb right now!


  Yodamaster wrote @

There are some sick rumors about P and F. They’re just scary. But none of them are true because none of them make sense. Anyone excited for Mission Marvel?

  SF Abby wrote @

I’ve got a TeenBoat T-shirt. Anyone read it?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I bought one when I was getting this!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I bought a T-Shirt, I mean. I’ve already read the book. It’s stooky!

  Super Folder Justin Bavaro wrote @

heck ya i am!

  SF jabbalover33 wrote @

tom please can we do a interview

  Hi wrote @

I love phinias and ferb! There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it……. Mom! Phinias and Ferb are making a title sequence!

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