One Month to Go! Jabba Attacks Aug. 6

…. But shhhhh, it’s a Surprise Attack!*

*actually, I’d much rather you told everyone you know.


  SF Raven wrote @

I can’t wait! A new OY book in a month!

YAHOO! I can’t wait! I have it marked down on my calender!

  OZ-IGAMI wrote @

me too

  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

that’s 3 days after meesa B-day!

  SF AustinM wrote @


  Super Folder Justin Bavaro wrote @


  Super Folder Justin Bavaro wrote @

who do u think owns jabba the puppett?

  DJ Fett wrote @


  puppybuzz2 wrote @

Tom, thank you SO MUCH for releasing them on august 6th…. that’s 4 days before my birthday, and the day after my first year of high school starts. I always buy one for me, then a few more for the school library. Everyone loves them, Thanks!! :)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

You buy them for the school library? That’s AWESOMELY Stooky!

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

Augest 6th is the day before Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters movie

yay PJO 2
Yay tSAoJtP

  puppybuzz2 wrote @

that’s what i do for my cousin, his is the day after mine :) i buy these books in bulk….

  nick and his foldy wan kenobi wrote @

me and my friend love these books!his bday is august 8.maybe ill buy it for him!

  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

This is going to be stooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF Harald wrote @

SO excited!

  Anonymous wrote @

I can’t wait!

  SF LegoGabe wrote @

This year, I am definitely NOT going to almost miss out on getting the new book on the first day.

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