SF Somebody’s Amazing Jabba the Puppett Instrux!

Check out these video instructions! Wow!

Does anyone know who this is? One of our SFs? or an unknown "rogue" SF?

Either way… Stooky x 2!


  DJ Fett wrote @

SF Sheila?

I don’r know. The account I saw this on had the first name Sheila.

  Purse Girl wrote @

This is so stooky and I am trying to read OY in Spanish and I am by the Cheetos hog file

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  Purse Girl wrote @


  DJ Fett wrote @

Oy. I stink at Spanish :(

  SF jabbalover33 wrote @

hi tom can i do a interview with you here in the comments ? ive asked multiple times ( not to be a brat ) but you have not responded
your friend

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  SF Harald wrote @

oh this is my friend on youtube! Sheila Holloway! she makes awesome videos!

  jason holloway wrote @

it is my video. if you dont believe me, i wil post what is up on my video on how to make an origami rancor, it is on youtube just type up sheila holloway an go to my uploads.

  jason holloway wrote @

btw, Im a boy

  Jason holloway wrote @

I’m not a superfolder, that’s right the first Megafolder has touched down!

  Rogue SF wrote @

Wow. Just wow.

  Jason Holloway wrote @

Thank you thank you very much.

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