SF PurseGirl’s 1000 Yodas


  DJ Fett wrote @

COOL! You rolled it into a ball! NICE!!!

BTW, was it hard to fold 1000 yodas? How long did it take?

  Yodamaster wrote @

I think it was taken from above a pile.

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

this was already posted but cool

  invisibleninja69 wrote @

Hey Tom! I decided to go back to doing origami lately, and I remembered your site and thought I should go take a look. I noticed you wrote two new books, cool! Anyways, can you please post the message below? Thanks!

So guys, I’m BACK! I recently started to do origami again and I came across Tom’s site. That made me think, why not have people request what kind of origami for me to do? So I created a blog called Minecraft Origami which is mainly for minecraft origami, but also for any other kinds you want me to make! So go ahead and check it out! http://www.taylerdoesgaming.wordpress.com (Also my gaming blog)

  sf chris wrote @

cool but.. i dont know how to post my instructions on the website i havent gone on much :(

  sf chris wrote @

could someone tell me???

  puppybuzz2 wrote @


  S wrote @


  Purse Girl wrote @

When did I do that I don’t even know

  Purse Girl wrote @

I didn’t post this Tom must have

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, this is the picture I took of the 1,000!

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

That is a lot.

  sf Th3godking wrote @

the instrux on the book i didnt even think i could try!

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