Remember James Suervo Jr? Jabba Sneak Peek #4

Some people will think James is a new character. But can you remember where we saw him mentioned before?


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

At Tippett?

  SF Michael wrote @

Isn’t he in Darth Paper? hmmmmm, i’ve read Origami Yoda and The Fortune Wokiee Several times… but not Darth paper, i think he must be doodled by Kellen somewhere in Darth Paper Strikes Back…

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Didn’t he put his signiture on the letter that the kids were going to give to the school board in fortune wookiee?

  sf turtle12 wrote @

James Sueroiri? he is on page 25 of Darth Paper Stirkes Back. his signature on the bottom of the page next to Caroline’s.

  sf turtle12 wrote @

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS JABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Yodamaster wrote @

That isn’t confirmed. Plus, OY has to DEAL with Jabba. If he signed the petition to bring Dwight back, he wouldn’t make something to make OY DEAL with. He’ help out with something. So he’s out of the question, like I feel Murky is for having Jabba. Origami Yoda has to DEAL with Jabba. Not get help from, DEAL with. None of Dwight’s friends could possibly be one making Jabba. It could be the EU person, but that would mean Tom had made a deal with whoever created him (I thin it was JC, because have we heard from him lately?) and told him/her not to give anything away until the book is finally out. Plus, this person would have to get special recognition for creating a character that is published in a book by Tom.

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Sorry I meant Darth Paper not FW

  Drogo wrote @

He signed that petition in DP. He and Remi were the only two who had signatures but didn’t show up til later.

  SF Robby wrote @

I was drogo. Thats my RP name.

  SF Robby wrote @

My comment is gone. :(
Wel he signed the bring back Dwight petition.

  An Annonymous SF wrote @

I bet he has a puppet in the book… jabba or salacious crumb?

  SF TylerM wrote @

Or the Gammorean Guard or the Rancor

  SF DJ Fett wrote @

Oh, Yah! The Darth Paper signature!

  sabermaster wrote @

I think james will be some fancy dude, because he signed his name in perfect cursive.

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

He signed the petition is Darth Paper

  wbfirk wrote @

I wonder if this book is gonna be like the end of the empire strikes back mixed with return of the jedi…

  Super noahv wrote @

He has kit fisto Tom said some one would have kit fisto in a sneak peek

  SF DJ Fett wrote @

Nope. I know who it is.

  SF jimmy rocks wrote @

darth paper strikes back

  SF Austin wrote @


  X wrote @

he is jabba in the jabba book

  SForigamidude wrote @

i think james has jabba

  SForigamidude wrote @

or james has kit fisto

  SForigamidude wrote @

or maybe origami yoda AND kit fisto have to deal with jabba.

  Anonymous wrote @

I think he signed his name in darth paper strikes back.

  Obi-Kahn wrote @

Woah! I just noticed his signature in DP! I’ve never noticed it before

  sf zill wrote @

Kit Fisto could be called……..KIT FOLDO!

  Super Folder Grant wrote @

He is one of 2 (3 if you count Remi then) non-Charecters that singed the pension to bring back Dwightif your wondering the other person to sign the pention to keep dwight was Jacob Cornilius. It is unknown if Jacob Cornilius will appear in jabba the Puppett BTW I know who murky wields its —– ——

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