News from Tom…

Hey SFs! Here’s some news and yakkity yak from me…

First of all, if you’d like to read about what it’s like making a book, you can read this post about how Cece and I made Crankee Doodle. And you may also like to see how she made the cover.

If you’ve been itching to make something awesome, I should have a big announcement soon that will make you very excited. I know I’m excited about it, we just have to work out some details…

I’ve been making something, too: A How To Fold Jabba video! That should be up soon. (Of course, I realize many of you already know how…)

Several writing projects in the works, too…. sadly all secret.

I’ve been reading a great series of books recently. It starts with The Game of Sunken Places. There’s nothing TOO scary in it, but I would recommend it grades 6+.

And lastly, good luck to my friends Matt and Jeni Holm, who write Babymouse, and David Lasky who drew The Carter Family Graphic Novel. They’re all up for Eisner Awards Friday night at San Diego Comic Con!


  SF Austin wrote @

Cool! A Jabba video!

  SF Robby wrote @


  Fantastic Torch wrote @

): i was in San Diego but left before Comic-Con );

  Yodamaster wrote @

I always wanted to go to SDCC, but it’s WAY to expensive. I love the exclusive figures and the vendors, but I just cant see paying over 2,000 dollars to go there! I am, however, going to Rhode Island Comic Con in November. I’m going to met Jason David Frank, the guy who played Tommy Oliver, the most occurring Ranger is Power Rangers! And I hope to met Adam West while I’m there too!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I’d LOVE to meet Adam West!

And this year I may finally got to NY Comic Con! That would be my first since… well, a LONG time ago!

  indy02 wrote @

i will read those books! Stooky news!!!

  not Jacob L. wrote @

STOOKY, also is Jabba he puppett the same as the one from May the Fourth Tom?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, the 4th animation used the cover Jabba. The Puppetts Take Manhattan pic uses the stunt double I made to travel with.

  SDA wrote @


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