Kellen’s silly Death Star joke…


  SF Grant wrote @

Funny cool joke

  origami yoda wrote @

funny!! (~:

  The Master Hand wrote @

LOL! Instrux for the Death Starigami?

  SuperFolder EthanMon wrote @

its kinda easy if you look at it in a certain way

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

That origami looks suspiciously familiar…

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

You may be the only person to have seen that… outside of my publisher. (Who didn’t like it.) That version of the project was totally abandoned!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Um… How do I say I’m not sure what you mean… I was commenting on the resemblance to my own design…

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Oh I thought I showed you the Origami Death Star I was working on while in C’Teague. That is what got scrapped…

  SF AustinM wrote @

:) LOL is this a Jabba sneak peek?

  SF Grant wrote @


  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

Very nice pun line :)

  Not Jacob L. wrote @

Cool i think I can make that

  SDA wrote @

I made one already! I saw a video where it had an origami death star, but no insrtux. so I made my own version.

  sfaa wrote @

I lik it n ez

  Sf Grant wrote @

just made it.i tried to make it from roti by ripping but ripped it in half by mistake.

  SF ninja wrote @

nice one kellen!

  SF CALEB wrote @


  Jar Jar Pleats wrote @

I don’t get it

  sf awesome wrote @

you rip it and it loooks like the one from rotj

  SF banana wrote @


  1angrybird wrote @

how do you make that death star?

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