SF Robby’s Origami National Pokedex of Pokemon!

Professor Oak is like, "Woah, dude, these are stooky!"


  SF Grant wrote @


  SF Robby wrote @

Woah, they got posted again! When will charmelean get up?

  SF Harald wrote @

Oh My Stooky I LOVE Pokémon!!!!! But I never thought of making Pokémon Origami! Thanks for the idea!

  Crubbit-er8321 :D wrote @

Just an FYI, Pokemon are Japanese, and so is origami! It just makes sense. Plus, there is a whole book of Pokemon origami.

  you do not know me wrote @


  sfroberto wrote @

how did these get posted again?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

A double post? There’s been some confusion while Sam has been busy. But they are worth it!

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