I hope none of you have terrible summer jobs… like this one.

Here’s me age 13(?) cleaning live mouse traps for a scientist.



Since the mice were caught and kept alive, they had plenty of time to poop and pee all over the inside of these things.

And then I got to clean them. Lots and lots of them. For very little $. You can’t even see one of the worst parts, which was the agony of trying to put them back together again after cleaning.

(Maybe this helped inspire Horton’s miserable dishwashing job.)

One time I got a bonus: A mouse that hadn’t survived the ordeal….


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @



I have a week-long summer job starting tomorrow! My Odyssey of the Mind coach asked me to help with Odyssey Camp at my school.

The profit: Possibly a Barnes&Noble gift card. Star Wars: Crucible, here I come!

  SF AustinM wrote @

I have no summer jobs… I feel bad for you!
Job: The horrendous task of waiting until August 9th.
Profit: About $250, and presents.

  Fantastic Torch wrote @

(im gaging)

  joshua benson wrote @

how much are you getting paid? SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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