Book 1 excerpt


The big question: Is Origami Yoda real?

Well, of course he’s real. I mean, he’s a real finger puppet made out of a real piece of paper.

But I mean: Is he REAL? Does he really know things? Can he see the future? Does he use the Force?

Or is he just a hoax that fooled a whole bunch of us at McQuarrie Middle School?

It’s REALLY important for me to figure out if he’s real or not. Because I’ve got to decide whether to take his advice or not and if I make the wrong choice I’m doomed! I don’t want to get into all that now, so for now let’s just say it’s about a girl and whether or not I should risk making a fool of myself for her.

Origami Yoda says to do it, but if he’s wrong … total humiliation.


Oh yeah, one other thing I almost forgot about: Dwight.

Dwight is the guy who carries Origami Yoda around on his finger.

The strangest thing about Origami Yoda is that he is so wise even though Dwight is a total loser.


  lucas wrote @

where did you get the idea for the book

  michelle wrote @

I’m looking forward to the 2nd book.

  Admirals wrote @

it already came out( darth Paper strikes back

  Logan wrote @

Tom, do you hate “cus” words & bad words?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Bad words are bad!

  yoda master wrote @


  Kellen1111 wrote @

No Soapy talk so do not be a Soapy!!! Get it!! HA HA HA!!!

  Josh bell wrote @

Double Agree

  Kurt Waller wrote @

Don’t be a soapy!

  Soapy wrote @

Hey! I’m Soapy!

  Logan wrote @

Oh, and did you get my letter? It has instructions for my diesign of Yoda!

  C wrote @

can’t wate for the next book

  The Awesome Origami Shop wrote @

Tom did you get my letter? Can you help out with our origami shop?

  redhulk101 wrote @

wuts the nekst buk called?

  j;ljk wrote @

yes,I can

  multiplegamis wrote @

how can I find your shop? Or is it not find able for me?

  Georgia wrote @

I LOVED Origami Yoda!
My mom and my friends mom lead the book club at our school (I’m in 5th grade)
And currently our book is Origami Yoda and I finished it a week early because I loved it!
I finished it in two days!
I think it’s So creative and fun for kids to read!
Do you think you could (in this reply) write a special shout-out to our book club???

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Sounds like an awesome book club!! Hope you guys are having fun! What are you reading next? Horton Halfpott?

  melissa friend wrote @

tom your first book was really awesome. And i bet the 2nd one is gonna be better your the best authour im currently reading your first book for the 5th time now!! and im really looking forward to the 2nd its gonna be awesome!!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks a lot!!

  aynonomus wrote @

wow 2 days that is so cool

  Katherine wrote @

I finished it in 1 day.

  s15703 wrote @

pfffft thats nothing i can finish a book like origami yoda in under an hour:)

  seth wrote @

i finished in 10 mins

  Robert wrote @

i finished in 1 minute so ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  Bj wrote @

im waiting for the 3rd one

  jeancarlos wrote @

shut up!

  Kellen1111 wrote @



Hey Tom I am 10. I got your book at my school book fair. I have to say I was very impressed. You have wrote the best novel I have ever read in my life. I am looking forward to “Darth Paper Strikes Back”. Great work Tom. Love your books.

Your Biggest Fan,

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks a lot!!! You’re very nice. Thanks for reading my book! Hope you’ll like the next one…

  Kellen1111 wrote @

Thank you Tom and my Yoda helped Naida not get hurt by this Harvey kid named Tristan!!!!!!!

  J.C.W wrote @

I’m your friend..

Because I’m his biggest fan too.

And I’m 10, but I turned 11 today.

  Josh wrote @

the next book is awesome but not as good as the first one.

  christian wrote @

ilove origami yoda!

  Joel Rayburn, biggest fan wrote @

Hey Tom! I am your biggest fan. after reading origami yoda ( which was very funny) I wondered are you were gonna write another one? PLEASE REPLY!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes! In fact i already wrote it. Go to the home page for a lot more info about Darth Paper Strikes Back!

  Jessica C. Wright wrote @

Dear Tom:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED “Paperwad Yoda” this is an amazing book and I read it SIX times. To tell you the truth, I think this is my favorite book and I f I had a libary, this and the suequel will be the only books there.

P.S. I am am Star-Wars loving tomboy!

Sincerly, Jessica C. Wright.
11-year-old student.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Great to hear from you! So glad you liked the book.
I’m always glad to hear from girls that like Star Wars (and Origami Yoda). Star Wars is a great story for everybody, not just boys!


p.s. don’t forget to put Horton Halfpott in your library :)

  Jessica C. Wright. wrote @

Tom, me again.(Jessica the SW-loving tomoy)

Thanks for the comment. I hope “Paperwad Yoda” is moroe famous than Harry Potter.


  Kellen1111 wrote @

No way Harry and Yoda are my faverit books!!!!????

  Benn D wrote @

Awesome book! Can’t wait for #2! Only one problem… now you’ve got me obsessed about origami! Shame on you…

  Guest wrote @

Aw…Darth Paper looks cute…

  J.C.W wrote @



  Tom Angleberger wrote @

No, Daniel Pinkwater wrote Lizard Music. It’s one of my favorite books, too, that’s why I put it on that list over there.

Have you read any of his other books? He has a lot of great stuff out there!


  Will wrote @

HELLO TOM i just sent in my photos and instructions for my Deluxe darth paper model
Thanks and happy folding


  Will wrote @

Deluxe darth paper wanted me to tell you something since he cant type (no hands :D) He wanted to say me to say that he really liked your book and wants a video showing the cover vader so he can try to enchance his armor.
O_O so yeah
thanks and happy folding

  Will wrote @

Deluxe darth paper says: I would like you to make a 3rd book in the series “vader quote” do not fail me commander…
thanks and happy folding

_ will

  Will wrote @

tom please post my instructions and photos.
i know ive been bugging you about it in the comments but i havent gotten a reply on any of them… so instead of repeating my request at the top again ive decided to ask a new and different question how do you post all of the pictures and how long does it take????
Please answer Tom.
Thanks and happy folding


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

It’s coming up, dude!

  famertot wrote @

i said the wrong thing sorry i was talking about somthing else (none of your buis) sorry

  Michael wrote @

Only Book I can actually read and not be like ugh I was actually happy To read this book It was The best book ever This was the ONLY BOOK I READ RLLY I DONT EVEN READ DIARY OF A WIMPY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  jeancarlos wrote @

shut up michael!i like diary of a wimpy kid.

  Michael wrote @

Tom Angleburg For Real I got 40 ppl to buy ur book in my classes I want this to become mroe famous then diary of a wimpy kid, BECAUSE ITS WAY FUNNIER!!!!!!!!!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thank, dude, you’re really nice…. But I am a BIG Wimpky Kid fan!

  jeancarlos wrote @

hey tom i am a big wimpy kid fan joke

  Smarty555 wrote @

My friend bought this book and he said it was awesome! I might ask to borrow it from him..(if he lets me)
he said he might get the sequel

  seth wrote @

hii tom BIGGEST FAN #1 i hav made darth paper that the helmet comes off …and i hav 5 fold emergency yoda

– seth(ur BIGGEST #1 fan)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks Seth! Are you in the UK? Nice to have a UK SuperFolder here!

  Will wrote @

HEY TOM guess what! I finally was able to fold a decent kawahata yoda!!!! and i figured out how to use him as a finger puppet! So if you ever do succeed in making one thats one more finger puppet for your collection.
Oh and may the force be with you

– Will

  Will wrote @

k finally sent in kawahat yoda please post

  cakerface321 wrote @

when are you coming to conyers georgia =)

  cakerface321 wrote @

and i never read nu of your books before and i wish i can get bothe of your book =(

  cakerface321 wrote @

and the books that i am talking about is the strange casthe strange case of origami yoda /darth
paper strikes back and if you come to conyers i will like two of the strange case of origami yoda in hard back for me and my friend and i will like two darth
paper strikes back in hard back to for me and my friend and if you can can put your ordergraph in front of the book =) =)

  Michael (@m1ke010) wrote @

I LURV your book tom both of them! im thinking of making a halloween costume of origami yoda and darth paper!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Awesome! Send a pic if you do!

  Tman wrote @

Can any body tell me if the quote “I do like cheetos” is in the books anywhere.

I saw something abou this quote on the site and that got me curious….

  jeancarlos wrote @

its not in the bok

  crystal6351 wrote @

Hey Tommy you rock your books rock. I like Horton Halfpott the most.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks!!!! I like Horton a lot, too, so I really appreciate that!

(But don’t call me Tommy!) :)

  jeancarlos wrote @

crystal6351 lisin to tom.dont call him tommy.


  Super folder Gavin wrote @

How did you make all the charactors in the story?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

A lot of them are inspired by people I went to school with … like Zach the pencil snapper!

  origami master 101 wrote @

tom, tom!

  origami master 101 wrote @

make a youtube video of how to fold darth paper from the cover! ps i just made deluxe yoda it was easy im ready for a challenge!

  origami master 101 wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hey, how’s it going?

  origami master 101 wrote @

come on tom talk to me dude dont overestimate the power of the darkside!

  origami master 101 wrote @

ok whats your phone number tom

  origami master 101 wrote @

please i like origami i like star wars… and i like books and im a grea t fan just talk to me darth paper is striking back with a generel grievies!

  origami master 101 wrote @

im 9 and im not a stocker

  dude101 wrote @

your second book was beast. I remember last year when you came to our school.

  DARTH PAPER wrote @


  Will wrote @

hey tom! i find it difficult to get to the videos that youve posted on the site when we have all of the other posts there also. do you think you could creat a page on the site were you put all of the videos?

  MichaelT wrote @

A loser Dwight is not.

  tedmeister7 wrote @

Hey Tom! I know everybody say’s they’re your biggest fan,so I guess i’m just one of ALOT of fans…you’ve inspired me to make my own origami and get into Star Wars again.Hope your next casefile is even better(which seems impossible by the way)then the other’s! -ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS…Teddy:)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks, Teddy! You’re awesome!!!

  OrigamiYoda Aarthi wrote @

Hey Tom how do you post pictures on your website

  OrigamiYoda Aarthi wrote @

(I’m from Mr.Schell’s class)

  OrigamiYoda Aarthi wrote @

Your biggest fan =D

  marcos wrote @

i made a oragami yoda and followed in dwights footsteps and gave advise to every on in my school some people are mean and try to crush my yoda but he is unstopable ps im marcos my bf is robert i live in texas imm ur biggest fan and i wanted to ask u u should make a 3rd book about clones or yoda strikes back or whatever ps your awesome

  Db Macks wrote @

Sometimes genius has to come out through something besides the mouth. lol

  Ben (aka. The Beast) wrote @

i can recite almost every origami yoda line from the books! test me!?

  Ben (aka. The Beast) wrote @

i am one of the other people who say that you are awesome tom! i bring a piece of green origami paper with me wherever i go! (and an emergency yoda)i even got kids who had never seen star wars interested in yoda origami!

  Shane Kaiser wrote @

I own this book and it’s so awesome!

  Shane Kaiser wrote @

so far this book is awesome

  Blake wrote @

I love origami yoda and i am going to get darth paper tomorrow and was wandering are you going to write A third?

  Fred Alexis wrote @

I luv yur buks!I read them 3 times each.I hope you keep making more books.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks, Fred!

  Shane Kaiser wrote @

i have the strange case of origami yoda and darth paper strikes back and i finished both of them and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!

  Dan Ho wrote @


  Dan Ho wrote @

VERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  OrigamiYoda Aarthi wrote @

Tom I read all your books I hope my parent let me buy all of them. (Biggest fan Aarthi)(Also from Mr.Schell’s class).

  cammy wrote @

i have the 2nd book i got it at the libary.

  Jan wrote @

When comes the 2nd Book?

  jack wrote @

Dear tom loved origami yoda
sincerly jack

  jesse wrote @

tom, i have an idea!!!! For the 3rd book, instead of Tommy writing the case file, Caroline does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[…] Jesus grows up to 600% is original size when you stick him a glass of water.  I will be posting photos periodically of his progress and maybe I shall seek his wise counsel once he reaches full maturity – a bit like Origami Yoda […]

  jeancarlos wrote @

too me i think origami yoda is REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL just by reading the book.

  Superfolder Rafe wrote @

I made the exact cover darth paper on darth paper strikes back and am working for the exact cover yoda from the strange case of origami yodabecause they are the coolest books ever

  Superfolder Rafe wrote @

I love these books and made exact cover darth paper and yoda

  avi wrote @

Dear Tom, I love origami yoda! Even before I read it I was sooooooooooooo into it! I realy liked the interveiws tommy had with yoda. Just wanted to tell you what a awesome author you are. I cannot wait to read your #2 book. The star wars origami were cool.
your biggest fan,

  craziekiddz wrote @

Theese books r so good i read them both in one day and made my own orgami yoda and darth paper !!!

  origami R3-S6 wrote @ man,i like origami Yoda and the line from soapy that said “sorry?you better be sorry,####!”

  familit wrote @

Hi, this is Mason. I am 7. I’ve been wanting to read Darth Paper. I already read Origami Yoda. I wrote a blog about Origami Yoda, which means I write about it to people all around the world. I have a question: When did you start writing books?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Hi Mason!
I’ve read your blog. Nice work!

I startd writing comic strips in the 7th grade and have almost always been writing/drawing/making something since then…

  Logan wrote @

OMG!!!OMG!!! I finally figured out the pleats!!!!!!!

  alex eheeler wrote @

Hey Tom i’m Alex Wheeler did you get my 2nd letter i sent to you

P:S does STOOKY mean amazing and that or dude

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes and both.

  Joey wrote @

I got the the book whooooooooooooowwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Joey wrote @

Love the book!!!!!!!

  Hansen wrote @

How did Yoda come to your mind for the book, Tom?

  Brandon wrote @

hey hey can’t wait till bok 3

  Shaira wrote @

hi tom i am one of your HUGEST FANS my class already started reading darth paper strikes back hey and do you know where I could buy or read your books free online please let me know tom (p.s my teacher calls you tom angle burger) your fan

  Leeroy T. Timber wrote @

Hello, I’m looked forward to your next book. I hope it will be as good as the previous book you have wrote. :D

  kobe wrote @

what will be the name of the third book?

  eli wrote @

I don’t know.

  eli wrote @

Yo,Tom!Are you coming to a place near Bellevue,Nebraska soon? Sorry for being so desperate, but I need to know NOW! Anyway, I loved both of your books and I hope your next book is amazing, too. Laters!

  Ryan wrote @

great book read the 2nd one not the 1st one cant what 4 the 3rd hope its R2-D2

  toxic Tony wrote @


  Jeffrey wrote @

The 3rd one is “The Secret of the Fortune Wookie” coming in August… My friends and I are obsessed with your books!

  Fred Jr. wrote @

I can’t wait to buy the next book.

  kelly wrote @

hi my son is trying to do a biography report on an author that he likes and he chose you mr. angleberger could you help us out i cant find anything on the internet about you except what books you wrote but i need more info, could you direct me to a page or something

  Cool White wrote @

I am absolutly gonna buy your next book! Thanks for sighning my copy to! remember a Chumeng?

  Cool White wrote @

I was trying to spell signing. sorry.

  william wrote @

Origami Yoda 3 the secret of the fortune wookie is coming out august 7th

Harveys comment: what a stupid name for a title!

My comment: Yo mamma is a bad title!!!

  william wrote @

I’m excited about the new book tom.You are a very great author.I’ve read both of your Origami Yoda books and i love them!

  Kevin wrote @

hey who wants to know my method of folding a origami yoda like the one in the back of the book! except folded differently but easier!

  SuperFolder Miles wrote @

There is a book called Star Wars Folded Flyers. It is a paper airplane book where everything flies and everything is a Star Wars ship. There are X-Wings and TIE Fighters and B-Wings and a lot more.

You would love it!


  Sebastian Prescott wrote @

i read this book abaut 1,000 times. It is my favorite! cant wait untill the fortune wookie comes out!

  Kai wrote @

Posted my origami yoda on YouTube it’s so cool

  Jeffrey wrote @

Hey Tom,
I’m a BIG FAN OF YOURS and you are one of my FAVORITE AUTHORS( And I’ve read over 500 books!)
Your fan

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Thanks, Jeffrey!

p.s. that is alot of books!

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

I loved the first two books and can’t wait for the third one. But I was wondering if you will continue the series with a fourth book?

  Super Folder Eli B. wrote @

ALL COMMENT READERS:may contian some material from the 3rd book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Tom i kno u get this alot but im a BIG fan and your books are so stooky,bolt,plastic dinos,and total rockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh I almost forgot,im making my own case file and hopefully will send it to u.U can change it around if u want.but seriously your books are the only ones i read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May the force be with u and always be a wookiee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Wakka the hut wrote @

When is the 3rd book coming out

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

It’s out!


Tom, you and your silly yoda puppet inspired me, that i can be an author and write about ANYTHING!!


Tom, im having an origami yoda party, i was hoping we could skype you, and i will send you a goody bag!!!!!!!!!

  Random 8th Grade Student wrote @

Hello Mr. Angleberger,
I have not read your book, but I would like to thank you for re-introducing Star Wars to elementary and middle-school students! I lived in ignorance of it’s epicness and the force until 7th grade (when a friend lent me the first 2-3 [not the original few :( ] ), and I adored “the worst ones” as my father calls them. Anyway, thanks for spreading the epicity of Star Wars!

Random 8th Grade Student

  Random 8th Grade Student wrote @

And may the force be with you

  Josh bell wrote @

Origami Yoda should be real. O Y (origami Yoda ) should have a cool back story in the last book also

Hey Tom I’m your number one fan and if I was rich I’d by my school a library and all of your books for the library even JABBA THE PUPPET coming aug.6 because I would pre order it ps. I sent you a picture of my Han foldo you haven’t put it up yet but anyway I just finished the cover yoda not the delux yoda the one from the cover! YouTube is where I found the
Video I’m technically 10 next month(June 16) do you think you could come to
Eugene,Oregon for booksinining for my birthday I got all of the books now and it would be a awesome birthday present,From Cody A.K.A

  K-dog wrote @

Hi tom.
I u #1fan:)
red and own all 4 books
can me and frend make origami yoda movie for fun:)
plese respond

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Have fun! Be sure to send me a link to it!

  K-dog wrote @

its gowing to be awesome.
Oh.Jaba the pupette is probably awesome like your other books.
Dwight Rocks!

Your #1 fan,K-dog

  K-dog wrote @

How much do shcools have to pay u to come to the shool

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